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Technical Support
Syntekabio Inc. offers a service center to help our customers with service selection, order placement, price examination, and payment process. If a question about our services arises which cannot be answered by the examples, FAQ, or the manual provided on the website, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Our developers and scientists with a lot of expertise will answer anything you would like to know.
VIP Support or SI Service
We are well equipped in terms of systems (storage, memory, and CPUs) and experienced with Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Population Genetics, Genetics & Epidemiology, and Structural Chem-Informatics. In particular, we are fully set up for STRUCTURE-BASED DRUG DESIGN and DRUG-REPOSITIONING with SGI 3D Environment.
In addition to the workflow services, we are also willing to help with various scientific difficult problems regarding the HUGE & EXTREME BIOMEDICAL DATA MANIPULATION for VIP customers or a part of SI services.

Possible VIP(free) or SI(charge) Services:

  • structure-based homology modeling & drug design
  • high-quality protein model generation and simulation
  • high-quality phylogenetic tree
  • high-quality protein-protein interaction map including multi-order node problems
  • manipulation of international HapMap Phase III data including haploview mapping services of any particular genomic region for 11 international ethnic groups (if necessary, Korean HapMap data could be added depending on the VIP criteria.)
  • X, Y and Z-axis sorting and clustering of more than 20,000 samples (x- and y-axis) with 1,000 epidemiology information (z-axis) for Affymetrix and Illumine Platform (1M SNP chip data)
  • manipulation of extreme biomedical data over 100 Tera Byte or more
  • extreme sorting and clustering problems: One billion vs. one billion matrix sorting and clustering
  • any extreme computational biology topic is welcome for the feasibility check
Contact Information

Service Team :
Phone number : +82.70.7663.0982