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BioMap & BioMapStore ?

BioMapStore hosts the main gateway of auto web analytics workflows for COMPOUND, GENE, SNP, PPI & PATHWAY CANDIDATES, and many advanced BioMaps including Epitope, BioPatent, Disease, Blockbuster, NGS, etc. The system covers over 750 million biomedical records for value-adding processes using an ultra-fast Google-like Engine, RVR(records virtual rack). This OVER-NIGHT auto web workflow service is beneficial for researchers who have candidates for drug and disease-associated targets through omics study such as 2D gels(proteomics), SNPchip(genomics), Microarray(transcriptomics), and Cell-based assay(toxicogenomics). In addition, the service includes value-added analytics such as M2M(Map to Map), IQC(Inter Query Correlation), Disease/Pathway Top 10, PCI/PPI validation, and VIP support(ex, High quality 3D structure modeling to advanced paper-quality images).

BMAP : Biomedical component maps encompass gene, SNP, compound, protein-compound, protein-protein, pathway, FDAdrug ..