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Weekly Bio Analysis Overview
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9 SNP-Map Genome-wide association study identifies a susceptibility locus for... file Nature  syntekabio Jul 03, 2015 16416
8 SNP-Map Polymorphisms in CTNNBL1 in relation to colorectal cancer wi... file German Cancer Research Center  syntekabio Sep 06, 2011 21537
7 SNP-Map LIN28B polymorphisms influence susceptibility to epithelial ovari... file Moffitt Cancer Center.  syntekabio Aug 15, 2011 18060
6 SNP-Map Identification of a novel prostate cancer susceptibility varian... file The Institute of Cancer Rese...  syntekabio Aug 07, 2011 18753
5 SNP-Map A Common Polymorphism in the Promoter Region of the TNFSF4 ... file Karolinska University Hospital ...  syntekabio Jul 31, 2011 20051
4 SNP-Map Genome-wide association studies in Asians confirm the involvemen... file Infectious Diseases, Genome In...  syntekabio Jul 25, 2011 17231
3 SNP-Map Common variants in ZNF365 are associated with both mammographic d... file Harvard School of Public Heal...  syntekabio Jul 18, 2011 16799
2 SNP-Map Neurotensin Receptor 1 Gene (NTSR1) Polymorphism Is Associated... file Beijing Normal University  syntekabio Jul 14, 2011 15973
1 SNP-Map CYP7A1 genotypes and haplotypes associated with hypertension in... file China Medical University  syntekabio May 27, 2011 16777