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Weekly Bio Analysis Overview
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33 Gene-Map Tiny Protein Helps Bacteria 'Talk' and Triggers Defensive Resp... file UC DAVIS, Genome Center  syntekabio Jan 11, 2012 17159
32 Gene-Map New Clues to Human Deafness Found in Mice file Department of Developmental B...  syntekabio Jan 11, 2012 17741
31 Gene-Map Discovery in Liver Cancer Cells Provides New Target for Drug... file Virginia Commonwealth Universit...  syntekabio Nov 07, 2011 22680
30 Gene-Map Discovery in Liver Cancer Cells Provides New Target for Drug... file Virginia Commonwealth Universit...  syntekabio Nov 07, 2011 18528
29 Gene-Map Researchers develop synthetic compound that may lead to drugs to... file UT Southwestern Medical Cente...  syntekabio Oct 03, 2011 21778
28 SNP-Map Polymorphisms in CTNNBL1 in relation to colorectal cancer wi... file German Cancer Research Center  syntekabio Sep 06, 2011 20873
27 Compound-Map Anti-inflammatory drug may fight breast cancer file Maastricht University Medical C...  syntekabio Sep 06, 2011 19482
26 Gene-Map Mayo Clinic finds new genetic cause of neurodegeneration file Mayo Clinic  syntekabio Sep 02, 2011 20976
25 Gene-Map Mutations in Single Gene May Have Shaped Human Cerebral Cortex file Yale School of Medicine  syntekabio Aug 29, 2011 19982
24 Compound-Map Tobacco-Derived Compound Prevents Memory Loss in Alzheimer's Di... file Bay Pines VA Healthcare Syste...  syntekabio Aug 28, 2011 17728
23 Gene-Map Taking aim at tumors file Binghamton University  syntekabio Aug 20, 2011 18131
22 Gene-Map Man's best friend: a joint tumour marker in man and dog file University of Veterinary Medi...  syntekabio Aug 19, 2011 19244
21 SNP-Map LIN28B polymorphisms influence susceptibility to epithelial ovari... file Moffitt Cancer Center.  syntekabio Aug 15, 2011 17395
20 Compound-Map New Drug May Reduce Seizures in Epilepsy file New York University  syntekabio Aug 14, 2011 16641
19 Gene-Map Protein could improve recovery from heart attacks file Yonsei University  syntekabio Aug 12, 2011 19878
18 Gene-Map Molecules identified that help propel cancer metastasis file Albert Einstein College of M...  syntekabio Aug 08, 2011 18827
17 SNP-Map Identification of a novel prostate cancer susceptibility varian... file The Institute of Cancer Rese...  syntekabio Aug 07, 2011 18078
16 Compound-Map Thalidomide shows efficacy as adjuvant therapy for hepatocellular c... file European Association for the ...  syntekabio Aug 02, 2011 29061
15 SNP-Map A Common Polymorphism in the Promoter Region of the TNFSF4 ... file Karolinska University Hospital ...  syntekabio Jul 31, 2011 19392
14 Compound-Map Asthma drug could help control or treat Alzheimer's disease file Temple University School of M...  syntekabio Jul 28, 2011 17901