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12 Compound-Map Lenalidomide in the Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. National Center for Biotechn...  syntekabio Jul 03, 2015 15601
11 Compound-Map Pharmacology and anti-tumor activity of RWJ67657, a novel inhibit... file National Center for Biotechn...  syntekabio Feb 12, 2014 29446
10 Compound-Map Antihepatoma activity of chaetocin due to deregulated splicing o... file Seoul National University Col...  syntekabio Oct 07, 2013 21656
9 Compound-Map Anti-inflammatory drug may fight breast cancer file Maastricht University Medical C...  syntekabio Sep 06, 2011 20097
8 Compound-Map Tobacco-Derived Compound Prevents Memory Loss in Alzheimer's Di... file Bay Pines VA Healthcare Syste...  syntekabio Aug 28, 2011 18415
7 Compound-Map New Drug May Reduce Seizures in Epilepsy file New York University  syntekabio Aug 14, 2011 17306
6 Compound-Map Thalidomide shows efficacy as adjuvant therapy for hepatocellular c... file European Association for the ...  syntekabio Aug 02, 2011 29795
5 Compound-Map Asthma drug could help control or treat Alzheimer's disease file Temple University School of M...  syntekabio Jul 28, 2011 18669
4 Compound-Map Arthritis Drug Could Help Beat Melanoma Skin Cancer, Study Fin... file University of East Alglia  syntekabio Jul 24, 2011 18494
3 Compound-Map Malaria drug slows pancreatic cancer growth in mouse models file Dana Farber Cancer Institute  syntekabio Jul 18, 2011 22027
2 Compound-Map Combination overcomes breast cancer resistance to herceptin file The University of Texas MD ...  syntekabio Jul 14, 2011 16777
1 Compound-Map Antifungal Compound Found on Tropical Seaweed Has Promising An... file Georgia Institute of Technolog...  syntekabio Jun 23, 2011 18660