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Gid_56611 (Gid_307)

Interaction : Gid_25139 Slc2a4 (Rattus norvegicus) - Gid_56611 Anxa2 (Rattus norvegicus)
Detection Method anti tag coimmunoprecipitation
Evidence PM_16396496

Gid_56611 (Gid_307)

Interaction : Gid_25139 Slc2a4 (Rattus norvegicus) - Gid_56611 Anxa2 (Rattus norvegicus)
Detection Method anti tag coimmunoprecipitation
Evidence PM_16396496

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Gid_24483 (Gid_3481)

Interaction : Gid_24483 Igf2 (Rattus norvegicus) - Gid_25139 Slc2a4 (Rattus norvegicus)
Detection Method anti tag coimmunoprecipitation
Evidence PM_16396496

Gid_24483 (Gid_3481)

Interaction : Gid_24483 Igf2 (Rattus norvegicus) - Gid_25139 Slc2a4 (Rattus norvegicus)
Detection Method anti tag coimmunoprecipitation
Evidence PM_16396496

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Gid_363875 (Gid_5879)

Interaction : Gid_25139 Slc2a4 (Rattus norvegicus) - Gid_363875 Rac1 (Rattus norvegicus)
Detection Method anti tag coimmunoprecipitation
Evidence PM_16396496

Gid_363875 (Gid_5879)

Interaction : Gid_25139 Slc2a4 (Rattus norvegicus) - Gid_363875 Rac1 (Rattus norvegicus)
Detection Method anti tag coimmunoprecipitation
Evidence PM_16396496

Gid_308875 (Gid_5879)

Interaction : Gid_25139 Slc2a4 (Rattus norvegicus) - Gid_308875 Rhog (Rattus norvegicus)
Detection Method anti tag coimmunoprecipitation
Evidence PM_16396496

Gid_308875 (Gid_5879)

Interaction : Gid_25139 Slc2a4 (Rattus norvegicus) - Gid_308875 Rhog (Rattus norvegicus)
Detection Method anti tag coimmunoprecipitation
Evidence PM_16396496

Slc2a4 (Rattus norvegicus)
solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose ...

PM_2649883 A glucose transport protein expressed predominately in insulin-responsive tissues.

PM_2649253 Identification of a novel gene encoding an insulin-responsive glucose transporter protein.

PM_2211693 Cell surface labeling of glucose transporter isoform GLUT4 by bis-mannose photolabel. Correlation with stimulation of glucose transport in rat adipose cells by insulin and phorbol ester.

PM_2018470 Phorbol ester only partially mimics the effects of insulin on glucose transport and glucose-transporter distribution in 3T3-L1 adipocytes.

PM_1651337 Intracellular targeting of the insulin-regulatable glucose transporter (GLUT4) is isoform specific and independent of cell type.

PM_1881917 Translocation of the glucose transporter GLUT4 in cardiac myocytes of the rat.

PM_1536658 Two glucose transporter isoforms are sorted differentially and are expressed in distinct cellular compartments.

PM_1536656 Trafficking of glucose transporters in 3T3-L1 cells. Inhibition of trafficking by phenylarsine oxide implicates a slow dissociation of transporters from trafficking proteins.

PM_1733237 Exercise training, glucose transporters, and glucose transport in rat skeletal muscles.

PM_1309819 Isoform-specific subcellular targeting of glucose transporters in mouse fibroblasts.

PM_1594612 Cloning of a Rab3 isotype predominantly expressed in adipocytes.

PM_1502167 Polarized distribution of glucose transporter isoforms in Caco-2 cells.

PM_2645527 Molecular cloning and characterization of an insulin-regulatable glucose transporter.

PM_8536622 Differential effects of insulin and exercise on Rab4 distribution in rat skeletal muscle.

PM_9059504 Characterization of rat Glut4 glucose transporter expressed in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: comparison with Glut1 glucose transporter.

PM_9271094 Identification and characterization of two distinct intracellular GLUT4 pools in rat skeletal muscle: evidence for an endosomal and an insulin-sensitive GLUT4 compartment.

PM_9224710 Vp165 and GLUT4 share similar vesicle pools along their trafficking pathways in rat adipose cells.

PM_1445278 Cell surface accessibility of GLUT4 glucose transporters in insulin-stimulated rat adipose cells. Modulation by isoprenaline and adenosine.

PM_9516411 Insulin increases the association of Akt-2 with Glut4-containing vesicles.

PM_9456317 GLUT4 and transferrin receptor are differentially sorted along the endocytic pathway in CHO cells.

PM_8366094 Insulin and okadaic acid induce Rab4 redistribution in adipocytes.

PM_8037667 Insulin-induced translocation of the glucose transporter GLUT4 in cardiac muscle: studies on the role of small-molecular-mass GTP-binding proteins.

PM_7545962 Myocyte enhancer factor 2 (MEF2) binding site is essential for C2C12 myotube-specific expression of the rat GLUT4/muscle-adipose facilitative glucose transporter gene.

PM_7720644 Characterization of 5'-heterogeneity of the rat GLUT4/muscle-adipose glucose transporter gene product.

PM_11489215 A Glut4-vesicle marker protein, insulin-responsive aminopeptidase, is localized in a novel vesicular compartment in PC12 cells.

PM_11500317 GLUT-4 translocation in skeletal muscle studied with a cell-free assay: involvement of phospholipase D.

PM_11720253 Effect of GLP-1 treatment on GLUT2 and GLUT4 expression in type 1 and type 2 rat diabetic models.

PM_11718554 A novel functional co-operation between MyoD, MEF2 and TRalpha1 is sufficient for the induction of GLUT4 gene transcription.

PM_11689011 PTEN does not modulate GLUT4 translocation in rat adipose cells under physiological conditions.

PM_11934664 Regulation of GLUT4 biogenesis in muscle: evidence for involvement of AMPK and Ca(2+).

PM_11919495 HIV protease inhibitors and glucose metabolism.

PM_11879194 Cinnamomin, a type II ribosome-inactivating protein, is a storage protein in the seed of the camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora).

PM_11982503 Interaction of exercise and diet on GLUT-4 protein and gene expression in Type I and Type II rat skeletal muscle.

PM_11989821 Exploring the whereabouts of GLUT4 in skeletal muscle (review).

PM_11919487 Indinavir inhibits the glucose transporter isoform Glut4 at physiologic concentrations.

PM_12002265 Lactate-induced translocation of GLUT1 and GLUT4 is not mediated by the phosphatidyl-inositol-3-kinase pathway in the rat heart.

PM_12079879 Terguride treatment attenuated prolactin release and enhanced insulin receptor affinity and GLUT 4 content in obese spontaneously hypertensive female, but not male rats.

PM_12037655 Changes in FAT/CD36, UCP2, UCP3 and GLUT4 gene expression during lipid infusion in rat skeletal and heart muscle.

PM_12189582 Regulation of glucose transport and transporter 4 (GLUT-4) in muscle and adipocytes of sucrose-fed rats: effects of N-3 poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids.

PM_12450403 Transient changes in four GLUT4 compartments in rat adipocytes during the transition, insulin-stimulated to basal: implications for the GLUT4 trafficking pathway.

PM_12388133 Insulin-stimulated cytosol alkalinization facilitates optimal activation of glucose transport in cardiomyocytes.

PM_12406499 Expression of insulin-responsive glucose transporter GLUT4 mRNA in the rat brain and spinal cord: an in situ hybridization study.

PM_12477932 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.

PM_12496137 Effects of AICAR and exercise on insulin-stimulated glucose uptake, signaling, and GLUT-4 content in rat muscles.

PM_12631717 GLUT4 recycles via a trans-Golgi network (TGN) subdomain enriched in Syntaxins 6 and 16 but not TGN38: involvement of an acidic targeting motif.

PM_12531786 Insulin-induced translocation of facilitative glucose transporters in fetal/neonatal rat skeletal muscle.

PM_9880520 Akt-2 binds to Glut4-containing vesicles and phosphorylates their component proteins in response to insulin.

PM_10051443 SNAP-23 participates in SNARE complex assembly in rat adipose cells.

PM_10594040 Munc18c function is required for insulin-stimulated plasma membrane fusion of GLUT4 and insulin-responsive amino peptidase storage vesicles.

PM_10970440 Response of human muscle spindle afferents to sinusoidal stretching with a wide range of amplitudes.

PM_15489334 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).

PM_15247264 Disruption of cortical actin in skeletal muscle demonstrates an essential role of the cytoskeleton in glucose transporter 4 translocation in insulin-sensitive tissues.

PM_15466888 Insulin but not PDGF relies on actin remodeling and on VAMP2 for GLUT4 translocation in myoblasts.

PM_15546921 Protein kinase B phosphorylation of PIKfyve regulates the trafficking of GLUT4 vesicles.

PM_15591781 Effect of prolonged intermittent hypoxia and exercise training on glucose tolerance and muscle GLUT4 protein expression in rats.

PM_15734836 Calcineurin does not mediate exercise-induced increase in muscle GLUT4.

PM_15494613 Creatine feeding increases GLUT4 expression in rat skeletal muscle.

PM_15557332 Insulin and contraction stimulate exocytosis, but increased AMP-activated protein kinase activity resulting from oxidative metabolism stress slows endocytosis of GLUT4 in cardiomyocytes.

PM_15625086 GLUT4 expression and subcellular localization in the intrauterine growth-restricted adult rat female offspring.

PM_15729573 Reduced insulin-stimulated GLUT4 bioavailability in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats.

PM_15764607 Depletion of mitochondrial DNA causes impaired glucose utilization and insulin resistance in L6 GLUT4myc myocytes.

PM_15797240 Calorie restriction improves whole-body glucose disposal and insulin resistance in association with the increased adipocyte-specific GLUT4 expression in Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima fatty rats.

PM_15866888 Insulin stimulates the halting, tethering, and fusion of mobile GLUT4 vesicles in rat adipose cells.

PM_15905322 Maternal food restriction enhances insulin-induced GLUT-4 translocation and insulin signaling pathway in skeletal muscle from suckling rats.

PM_15935991 Demonstration of differential quantitative requirements for NSF among multiple vesicle fusion pathways of GLUT4 using a dominant-negative ATPase-deficient NSF.

PM_16024167 NF-kappaB, MEF2A, MEF2D and HIF1-a involvement on insulin- and contraction-induced regulation of GLUT4 gene expression in soleus muscle.

PM_15955810 Insulin regulates the membrane arrival, fusion, and C-terminal unmasking of glucose transporter-4 via distinct phosphoinositides.

PM_16154100 Insulin signaling meets vesicle traffic of GLUT4 at a plasma-membrane-activated fusion step.

PM_16154097 GLUT4 trafficking in a test tube.

PM_16096283 Free fatty acids repress the GLUT4 gene expression in cardiac muscle via novel response elements.

PM_12637564 Maturation of the regulation of GLUT4 activity by p38 MAPK during L6 cell myogenesis.

PM_16396496 Insulin-dependent interactions of proteins with GLUT4 revealed through stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture (SILAC).

PM_16273324 Retinoic acids increase expression of GLUT4 in dedifferentiated and hypertrophied cardiac myocytes.

PM_16319996 Glycogen overload by postexercise insulin administration abolished the exercise-induced increase in GLUT4 protein.

PM_16381981 DBTSS: DataBase of Human Transcription Start Sites, progress report 2006.

PM_16622606 Low doses of vanadate and Trigonella synergistically regulate Na+/K + -ATPase activity and GLUT4 translocation in alloxan-diabetic rats.

PM_16418206 Muscle cell depolarization induces a gain in surface GLUT4 via reduced endocytosis independently of AMPK.

PM_16647043 Identification and characterization of p49/STRAP as a novel GLUT4-binding protein.

PM_16670091 FOXO1 represses peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma1 and -gamma2 gene promoters in primary adipocytes. A novel paradigm to increase insulin sensitivity.

PM_16939223 Palmitoyl transferase activity of lecithin retinol acyl transferase.

PM_16787385 Regulation of GLUT4 gene expression by SREBP-1c in adipocytes.

PM_16774991 Loss of cortical actin filaments in insulin-resistant skeletal muscle cells impairs GLUT4 vesicle trafficking and glucose transport.

PM_16870704 Role of insulin-dependent cortical fodrin/spectrin remodeling in glucose transporter 4 translocation in rat adipocytes.

PM_16902066 Metformin increases the PGC-1alpha protein and oxidative enzyme activities possibly via AMPK phosphorylation in skeletal muscle in vivo.

PM_17198541 Melatonin protects against oxidative damage and restores expression of GLUT4 gene in the hyperthyroid rat heart.

PM_17148475 Entrez Gene: gene-centered information at NCBI.

PM_17130151 The mouse Gene Expression Database (GXD): 2007 update.

PM_12777391 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma represses GLUT4 promoter activity in primary adipocytes, and rosiglitazone alleviates this effect.

PM_12782634 Insulin recruits GLUT4 from distinct compartments via distinct traffic pathways with differential microtubule dependence in rat adipocytes.

PM_12799316 Prevention of glycogen supercompensation prolongs the increase in muscle GLUT4 after exercise.

PM_14741039 Glucose transporter content and glucose uptake in skeletal muscle constructs engineered in vitro.

PM_15015152 Insulin resistance and GLUT-4 glucose transporter in adipocytes from hypertensive rats.

PM_15117888 Insulin resistance in adult cardiomyocytes undergoing dedifferentiation: role of GLUT4 expression and translocation.

PM_15036397 Effects of aerobic exercise training on the protein kinase B (PKB)/mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway in aged skeletal muscle.

PM_15182197 EHD2 interacts with the insulin-responsive glucose transporter (GLUT4) in rat adipocytes and may participate in insulin-induced GLUT4 recruitment.

PM_19864425 Proteomic analysis of GLUT4 storage vesicles reveals LRP1 to be an important vesicle component and target of insulin signaling.

PM_20024634 Effects of nonexhaustive bouts of high-intensity intermittent swimming training on GLUT-4 expression in rat skeletal muscle.

PM_19940039 Adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase activation, substrate transporter translocation, and metabolism in the contracting hyperthyroid rat heart.

PM_20363751 Regulation of cardiomyocyte Glut4 expression by ZAC1.

PM_20080987 MicroRNA-223 regulates Glut4 expression and cardiomyocyte glucose metabolism.

PM_16985263 Exercise and CaMK activation both increase the binding of MEF2A to the Glut4 promoter in skeletal muscle in vivo.

PM_17416968 Testicular regulation of neuronal glucose and monocarboxylate transporter gene expression profiles in CNS metabolic sensing sites during acute and recurrent insulin-induced hypoglycemia.

PM_17277024 Redox regulation of ischemic preconditioning is mediated by the differential activation of caveolins and their association with eNOS and GLUT-4.

PM_17189352 Immunogold labeling study of the distribution of GLUT-1 and GLUT-4 in cardiac tissue following stimulation by insulin or ischemia.

PM_17426391 Corticosterone impairs insulin-stimulated translocation of GLUT4 in the rat hippocampus.

PM_17210930 A tale of two templates: automatically resolving double traces has many applications, including efficient PCR-based elucidation of alternative splices.

PM_17550999 Two phases of palmitate-induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle: impaired GLUT4 translocation is followed by a reduced GLUT4 intrinsic activity.

PM_17709177 Age related obesity-induced shortening of GLUT4 mRNA poly(A) tail length in rat gastrocnemius skeletal muscle.

PM_17532293 Bi-directional transport of GLUT4 vesicles near the plasma membrane of primary rat adipocytes.

PM_17666490 Nitric oxide increases GLUT4 expression and regulates AMPK signaling in skeletal muscle.

PM_18067996 Chemical hypoxia-induced glucose transporter-4 translocation in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes.

PM_18167317 Insulin-induced translocation of CD36 to the plasma membrane is reversible and shows similarity to that of GLUT4.

PM_18162526 The proinflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor-alpha increases the amount of glucose transporter-4 at the surface of muscle cells independently of changes in interleukin-6.

PM_18164589 Identification of protein kinase D as a novel contraction-activated kinase linked to GLUT4-mediated glucose uptake, independent of AMPK.

PM_18163380 Oxidative stress induces GLUT4 translocation by activation of PI3-K/Akt and dual AMPK kinase in cardiac myocytes.

PM_18335580 Effects of continuous low-carbohydrate diet after long-term exercise on GLUT-4 protein content in rat skeletal muscle.

PM_18084728 Expression of CAPON after spinal cord injury in rats.

PM_18435821 Clathrin-dependent and independent endocytosis of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) in myoblasts: regulation by mitochondrial uncoupling.

PM_18326493 Histone code modifications repress glucose transporter 4 expression in the intrauterine growth-restricted offspring.

PM_18650314 Decreasing intramuscular phosphagen content simultaneously increases plasma membrane FAT/CD36 and GLUT4 transporter abundance.

PM_18617516 Alpha-actinin-4 is selectively required for insulin-induced GLUT4 translocation.

PM_18692545 Insulin resistance of pregnancy involves estrogen-induced repression of muscle GLUT4.

PM_18619553 Lipocalin-type prostaglandin D(2) synthase stimulates glucose transport via enhanced GLUT4 translocation.

PM_18779328 Syntaxin 6, a regulator of the protein trafficking machinery and a target of the p53 family, is required for cell adhesion and survival.

PM_18647882 CaMK activation during exercise is required for histone hyperacetylation and MEF2A binding at the MEF2 site on the Glut4 gene.

PM_18701652 Muscle cells engage Rab8A and myosin Vb in insulin-dependent GLUT4 translocation.

PM_19188436 Kinetics of GLUT4 trafficking in rat and human skeletal muscle.

PM_19177156 Insulin resistance and altered glucose transporter 4 expression in experimental uremia.

PM_18797165 Effects of glucose deprivation or glucose instability on mesangial cells in culture.

PM_19155211 Insulin regulates fusion of GLUT4 vesicles independent of Exo70-mediated tethering.

PM_18923160 Chronic-intermittent cold stress in rats induces selective ovarian insulin resistance.

PM_19509061 The F-BAR protein CIP4 promotes GLUT4 endocytosis through bidirectional interactions with N-WASp and Dynamin-2.

PM_19228889 Up-regulating the hemeoxygenase system enhances insulin sensitivity and improves glucose metabolism in insulin-resistant diabetes in Goto-Kakizaki rats.

PM_19273501 Permissive action of protein kinase C-zeta in insulin-induced CD36- and GLUT4 translocation in cardiac myocytes.

PM_18959809 The diabetogenic effects of excessive ethanol: reducing beta-cell mass, decreasing phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activity and GLUT-4 expression in rats.

PM_19386915 Cerebellar neurons possess a vesicular compartment structurally and functionally similar to Glut4-storage vesicles from peripheral insulin-sensitive tissues.

PM_19546347 Regulation of glucose uptake in mesangial cells stimulated by high glucose: role of angiotensin II and insulin.

PM_19679110 Insulin-stimulated translocation of GLUT4 to the plasma membrane in rat hippocampus is PI3-kinase dependent.

PM_19706162 Impairment of insulin-stimulated Akt/GLUT4 signaling is associated with cardiac contractile dysfunction and aggravates I/R injury in STZ-diabetic rats.

PM_19720047 MicroRNA-133 regulates the expression of GLUT4 by targeting KLF15 and is involved in metabolic control in cardiac myocytes.

PM_19722251 Beta-adrenergic activity preserves GLUT4 protein in glycolytic fibers in fasting.

PM_19615701 Sex steroids deficiency impairs glucose transporter 4 expression and its translocation through defective Akt phosphorylation in target tissues of adult male rat.

PM_19675279 Effects of contraction on localization of GLUT4 and v-SNARE isoforms in rat skeletal muscle.

PM_19523145 DHEA improves impaired activation of Akt and PKC zeta/lambda-GLUT4 pathway in skeletal muscle and improves hyperglycaemia in streptozotocin-induced diabetes rats.

PM_21041651 Rab8A and Rab13 are activated by insulin and regulate GLUT4 translocation in muscle cells.

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Gid_391 (Gid_5879)

Interaction : Gid_391 RHOG (Homo sapiens) - Gid_7046 TGFBR1 (Homo sapiens)
Detection Method N/A
Evidence PM_15761153

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Gid_12168 (Gid_659)

Interaction : Gid_7046 TGFBR1 (Homo sapiens) - Gid_12168 Bmpr2 (Mus musculus)
Detection Method affinity capture-luminescence
Evidence PM_15761153

Gid_659 (Gid_659)

Interaction : Gid_659 BMPR2 (Homo sapiens) - Gid_7046 TGFBR1 (Homo sapiens)
Detection Method two hybrid
Evidence PM_7791754 | PM_7890683

PharmDB PPI (1)

Gid_659 (Gid_659)

Gene Gid_659
Gene Gid_7046

TGFBR1 (Homo sapiens)
transforming growth factor, beta receptor 1

PM_1319842 Receptors for the TGF-beta family.

PM_7774578 GS domain mutations that constitutively activate T beta R-I, the downstream signaling component in the TGF-beta receptor complex.

PM_7791754 Human type II receptor for bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs): extension of the two-kinase receptor model to the BMPs.

PM_8521960 Extracellular domain of type I receptor for transforming growth factor-beta: molecular modelling using protectin (CD59) as a template.

PM_8530052 Assignment of human transforming growth factor-beta type I and type III receptor genes (TGFBR1 and TGFBR3) to 9q33-q34 and 1p32-p33, respectively.

PM_8530343 Interaction of the transforming growth factor-beta type I receptor with farnesyl-protein transferase-alpha.

PM_8622651 Activation of signalling by the activin receptor complex.

PM_8555189 Interaction of transforming growth factor beta receptors with apolipoprotein J/clusterin.

PM_8576253 Identification of important regions in the cytoplasmic juxtamembrane domain of type I receptor that separate signaling pathways of transforming growth factor-beta.

PM_8774881 Receptor-associated Mad homologues synergize as effectors of the TGF-beta response.

PM_8752209 MADR2 maps to 18q21 and encodes a TGFbeta-regulated MAD-related protein that is functionally mutated in colorectal carcinoma.

PM_8799132 Mammalian dwarfins are phosphorylated in response to transforming growth factor beta and are implicated in control of cell growth.

PM_8980228 MADR2 is a substrate of the TGFbeta receptor and its phosphorylation is required for nuclear accumulation and signaling.

PM_8932339 Expression and structural features of endoglin (CD105), a transforming growth factor beta1 and beta3 binding protein, in human melanoma.

PM_9045666 Processing of the transforming growth factor beta type I and II receptors. Biosynthesis and ligand-induced regulation.

PM_9136927 The TGF-beta family mediator Smad1 is phosphorylated directly and activated functionally by the BMP receptor kinase.

PM_9215638 The MAD-related protein Smad7 associates with the TGFbeta receptor and functions as an antagonist of TGFbeta signaling.

PM_9303535 Distinct roles of type I bone morphogenetic protein receptors in the formation and differentiation of cartilage.

PM_9346894 FKBP12 binds the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor at leucine-proline (1400-1401) and anchors calcineurin to this FK506-like domain.

PM_9335505 Smad6 inhibits signalling by the TGF-beta superfamily.

PM_9372933 Tumor suppressor Smad4 is a transforming growth factor beta-inducible DNA binding protein.

PM_9380693 Transforming growth factor beta-induced phosphorylation of Smad3 is required for growth inhibition and transcriptional induction in epithelial cells.

PM_9346908 TbetaRI phosphorylation of Smad2 on Ser465 and Ser467 is required for Smad2-Smad4 complex formation and signaling.

PM_9311995 TGF-beta receptor-mediated signalling through Smad2, Smad3 and Smad4.

PM_9389648 Dual role of the Smad4/DPC4 tumor suppressor in TGFbeta-inducible transcriptional complexes.

PM_9371779 Smad8 mediates the signaling of the ALK-2 [corrected] receptor serine kinase.

PM_9435577 TGF-beta 1 modulates EGF-stimulated phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activity in human airway smooth muscle cells.

PM_9417915 Cloning and genomic organization of the human transforming growth factor-beta type I receptor gene.

PM_1333888 TGF beta signals through a heteromeric protein kinase receptor complex.

PM_1326540 Endoglin is a component of the transforming growth factor-beta receptor system in human endothelial cells.

PM_9525694 TGF-beta receptors and signalling mechanisms.

PM_9472030 Oligomeric structure of type I and type II transforming growth factor beta receptors: homodimers form in the ER and persist at the plasma membrane.

PM_9520423 The tumor suppressor SMAD4/DPC4 is essential for epiblast proliferation and mesoderm induction in mice.

PM_9545258 A novel protein distinguishes between quiescent and activated forms of the type I transforming growth factor beta receptor.

PM_8235612 Determination of type I receptor specificity by the type II receptors for TGF-beta or activin.

PM_8242743 Cloning of a TGF beta type I receptor that forms a heteromeric complex with the TGF beta type II receptor.

PM_7518616 Specific interaction of type I receptors of the TGF-beta family with the immunophilin FKBP-12.

PM_7852346 The soluble exoplasmic domain of the type II transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta receptor. A heterogeneously glycosylated protein with high affinity and selectivity for TGF-beta ligands.

PM_7878020 Biochemical evidence for the autophosphorylation and transphosphorylation of transforming growth factor beta receptor kinases.

PM_7706250 Signaling activity of homologous and heterologous transforming growth factor-beta receptor kinase complexes.

PM_7890683 Cloning of a novel type II serine/threonine kinase receptor through interaction with the type I transforming growth factor-beta receptor.

PM_11163210 Smad7 binds to Smurf2 to form an E3 ubiquitin ligase that targets the TGF beta receptor for degradation.

PM_11157754 Type III TGF-beta receptor-independent signalling of TGF-beta2 via TbetaRII-B, an alternatively spliced TGF-beta type II receptor.

PM_11100470 Phosphorylation of Smad signaling proteins by receptor serine/threonine kinases.

PM_11102446 Caveolin-1 regulates transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta/SMAD signaling through an interaction with the TGF-beta type I receptor.

PM_11278251 Smurf1 interacts with transforming growth factor-beta type I receptor through Smad7 and induces receptor degradation.

PM_11278302 Transforming growth factor-beta receptor-associated protein 1 is a Smad4 chaperone.

PM_11387212 The adaptor molecule Disabled-2 links the transforming growth factor beta receptors to the Smad pathway.

PM_11279102 Sorting nexin 6, a novel SNX, interacts with the transforming growth factor-beta family of receptor serine-threonine kinases.

PM_11371641 c-Jun interacts with the corepressor TG-interacting factor (TGIF) to suppress Smad2 transcriptional activity.

PM_11356828 X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein functions as a cofactor in transforming growth factor-beta signaling.

PM_11438668 Axin facilitates Smad3 activation in the transforming growth factor beta signaling pathway.

PM_11420127 Anti-Müllerian hormone and its receptors.

PM_11583628 The TGF beta receptor activation process: an inhibitor- to substrate-binding switch.

PM_11583608 Theme and variations: juxtamembrane regulation of receptor protein kinases.

PM_11746979 Uncommon TGFBRI allele is not associated with increased susceptibility to colon cancer.

PM_11820800 1 alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 increases TGF beta 1 binding to human osteoblasts.

PM_11867510 Transforming growth factor beta receptor 1 polyalanine polymorphism and exon 5 mutation analysis in breast and ovarian cancer.

PM_11850637 Crystal structure of the human TbetaR2 ectodomain--TGF-beta3 complex.

PM_12000714 Interaction between the transforming growth factor-beta type II receptor/Smad pathway and beta-catenin during transforming growth factor-beta1-mediated adherens junction disassembly.

PM_12017275 A novel dominant negative Smad2 mutation in a TGFbeta resistant human carcinoma cell line.

PM_12065756 SB-431542 is a potent and specific inhibitor of transforming growth factor-beta superfamily type I activin receptor-like kinase (ALK) receptors ALK4, ALK5, and ALK7.

PM_12060054 Transforming growth factor-beta 1, 2, 3 and receptor type I and II in diabetic foot ulcers.

PM_12015308 Extracellular and cytoplasmic domains of endoglin interact with the transforming growth factor-beta receptors I and II.

PM_12082094 Functions of transforming growth factor-beta family type I receptors and Smad proteins in the hypertrophic maturation and osteoblastic differentiation of chondrocytes.

PM_12151385 Smurf1 regulates the inhibitory activity of Smad7 by targeting Smad7 to the plasma membrane.

PM_12358857 Novel single nucleotide polymorphisms in the 3'-UTR of the TGFbetaRI and TGFbetaRIII genes.

PM_12145287 Hyaluronan promotes signaling interaction between CD44 and the transforming growth factor beta receptor I in metastatic breast tumor cells.

PM_12202987 A catalog of 106 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and 11 other types of variations in genes for transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGF-beta1) and its signaling pathway.

PM_12607775 Transforming growth factors beta1, beta2 and beta3 and their receptors are differentially expressed in human peritoneal fibroblasts in response to hypoxia.

PM_12429842 Transforming growth factor-beta receptors interact with AP2 by direct binding to beta2 subunit.

PM_12477932 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.

PM_9661882 Type I transforming growth factor beta receptor maps to 9q22 and exhibits a polymorphism and a rare variant within a polyalanine tract.

PM_9606191 Direct binding of Smad3 and Smad4 to critical TGF beta-inducible elements in the promoter of human plasminogen activator inhibitor-type 1 gene.

PM_12446693 Elucidation of Smad requirement in transforming growth factor-beta type I receptor-induced responses.

PM_12589052 Transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGF-beta)-induced apoptosis of prostate cancer cells involves Smad7-dependent activation of p38 by TGF-beta-activated kinase 1 and mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 3.

PM_9738003 Physical and functional interaction of murine and Xenopus Smad7 with bone morphogenetic protein receptors and transforming growth factor-beta receptors.

PM_9856985 Identification of STRAP, a novel WD domain protein in transforming growth factor-beta signaling.

PM_9843571 TGF-beta-induced phosphorylation of Smad3 regulates its interaction with coactivator p300/CREB-binding protein.

PM_9774674 Physical and functional interactions between type I transforming growth factor beta receptors and Balpha, a WD-40 repeat subunit of phosphatase 2A.

PM_9748228 Specific activation of Smad1 signaling pathways by the BMP7 type I receptor, ALK2.

PM_9865696 SARA, a FYVE domain protein that recruits Smad2 to the TGFbeta receptor.

PM_9872992 Endoglin is an accessory protein that interacts with the signaling receptor complex of multiple members of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily.

PM_9892009 Roles of pathway-specific and inhibitory Smads in activin receptor signaling.

PM_10025408 Crystal structure of the cytoplasmic domain of the type I TGF beta receptor in complex with FKBP12.

PM_10187774 Assignment of transforming growth factor beta1 and beta3 and a third new ligand to the type I receptor ALK-1.

PM_10026191 Transforming growth factor-beta induces formation of a dithiothreitol-resistant type I/Type II receptor complex in live cells.

PM_10085121 MEKK-1, a component of the stress (stress-activated protein kinase/c-Jun N-terminal kinase) pathway, can selectively activate Smad2-mediated transcriptional activation in endothelial cells.

PM_10716993 Activin receptor-like kinase 1 modulates transforming growth factor-beta 1 signaling in the regulation of angiogenesis.

PM_10757800 STRAP and Smad7 synergize in the inhibition of transforming growth factor beta signaling.

PM_15305380 Polymorphisms and haplotype structures in genes for transforming growth factor beta1 and its receptors in familial and unselected breast cancers.

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PM_15761148 Regulation of the polarity protein Par6 by TGFbeta receptors controls epithelial cell plasticity.

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PM_17936924 May TGFBR1 act also as low penetrance allele in Marfan syndrome?

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PM_19574221 Transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGF-beta1) induces human osteoclast apoptosis by up-regulating Bim.

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PM_21430980 Fusiform aneurysm presenting with cervical radiculopathy in ehlers-danlos syndrome.

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Gid_4921 (Gid_4921)

Interaction : Gid_4921 DDR2 (Homo sapiens) - Gid_6714 SRC (Homo sapiens)
Detection Method coimmunoprecipitation | affinity capture-western
Evidence PM_11884411

Gid_4921 (Gid_4921)

Interaction : Gid_4921 DDR2 (Homo sapiens) - Gid_6714 SRC (Homo sapiens)
Detection Method N/A
Evidence PM_16186108

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Gid_4921 (Gid_4921)

Gene Gid_6714
Gene Gid_4921

Gid_4921 (Gid_4921)

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Gene Gid_6714

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Gid_5881 (Gid_5879)

Gene Gid_6714
Gene Gid_5881

Gid_5880 (Gid_5879)

Gene Gid_6714
Gene Gid_5880

SRC (Homo sapiens)
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PM_8805332 Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASp) is a binding partner for c-Src family protein-tyrosine kinases.

PM_8761480 The SH3 domain of Src tyrosyl protein kinase interacts with the N-terminal splice region of the PDE4A cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase RPDE-6 (RNPDE4A5).

PM_8953041 Association of Src tyrosine kinase with a human potassium channel mediated by SH3 domain.

PM_8941336 Focal adhesion kinase tyrosine-861 is a major site of phosphorylation by Src.

PM_8940173 Src phosphorylates the insulin-like growth factor type I receptor on the autophosphorylation sites. Requirement for transformation by src.

PM_8910575 Src tyrosine kinases, Galpha subunits, and H-Ras share a common membrane-anchored scaffolding protein, caveolin. Caveolin binding negatively regulates the auto-activation of Src tyrosine kinases.

PM_8900189 SMAP, an Smg GDS-associating protein having arm repeats and phosphorylated by Src tyrosine kinase.

PM_8971042 Specific cleavage sites of Nef proteins from human immunodeficiency virus types 1 and 2 for the viral proteases.

PM_8978822 Translocation of Src kinase to the cell periphery is mediated by the actin cytoskeleton under the control of the Rho family of small G proteins.

PM_8885868 Protein kinase C mu (PKC mu) associates with the B cell antigen receptor complex and regulates lymphocyte signaling.

PM_8939605 The Shc adaptor protein is highly phosphorylated at conserved, twin tyrosine residues (Y239/240) that mediate protein-protein interactions.

PM_8918464 STK/RON receptor tyrosine kinase mediates both apoptotic and growth signals via the multifunctional docking site conserved among the HGF receptor family.

PM_9028946 A collagen-like peptide stimulates tyrosine phosphorylation of syk and phospholipase C gamma2 in platelets independent of the integrin alpha2beta1.

PM_9096689 Antisense src expression inhibits tyrosine phosphorylation of Shc and its association with Grb2 and Sos which leads to MAP kinase activation in U937 human leukemia cells.

PM_9118959 Identification of a novel contactin-associated transmembrane receptor with multiple domains implicated in protein-protein interactions.

PM_9012831 BAP-135, a target for Bruton's tyrosine kinase in response to B cell receptor engagement.

PM_9016807 Phosphorylation of growth factor receptor binding protein-2 by pp60c-src tyrosine kinase.

PM_9020193 Gbetagamma subunits mediate Src-dependent phosphorylation of the epidermal growth factor receptor. A scaffold for G protein-coupled receptor-mediated Ras activation.

PM_9024657 Three-dimensional structure of the tyrosine kinase c-Src.

PM_9169421 Identification of novel human WW domain-containing proteins by cloning of ligand targets.

PM_9148935 Focal adhesion kinase overexpression enhances ras-dependent integrin signaling to ERK2/mitogen-activated protein kinase through interactions with and activation of c-Src.

PM_9195899 Molecular cloning of SKAP55, a novel protein that associates with the protein tyrosine kinase p59fyn in human T-lymphocytes.

PM_9208935 Sequence specificity of C-terminal Src kinase (CSK)--a comparison with Src-related kinases c-Fgr and Lyn.

PM_9182531 Regulation of platelet plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase by cAMP-dependent and tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_9174343 Peptide ligands of pp60(c-src) SH2 domains: a thermodynamic and structural study.

PM_9178760 Intracellular signaling of the Ufo/Axl receptor tyrosine kinase is mediated mainly by a multi-substrate docking-site.

PM_9297626 Ras effectors and their role in mitogenesis and oncogenesis.

PM_9342367 Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator is an epithelial cell receptor for clearance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from the lung.

PM_9344858 c-Src activates both STAT1 and STAT3 in PDGF-stimulated NIH3T3 cells.

PM_9278444 Tyrosine phosphorylation of connexin 43 by v-Src is mediated by SH2 and SH3 domain interactions.

PM_9261115 Src kinase activity is regulated by the SHP-1 protein-tyrosine phosphatase.

PM_9388490 Tyrosine residues 239 and 240 of Shc are phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate-dependent phosphorylation sites by c-Src.

PM_1383690 A limited set of SH2 domains binds BCR through a high-affinity phosphotyrosine-independent interaction.

PM_1384654 Localization of the viral and cellular Src kinases to perinuclear vesicles in fibroblasts.

PM_1280821 itk, a T-cell-specific tyrosine kinase gene inducible by interleukin 2.

PM_9494093 Interaction of two proline-rich sequences of cell adhesion kinase beta with SH3 domains of p130Cas-related proteins and a GTPase-activating protein, Graf.

PM_9573307 Altered plaque formation by recombinant vaccinia virus expressing simian immunodeficiency virus Nef.

PM_9507031 p125Fak focal adhesion kinase is a substrate for the insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I tyrosine kinase receptors.

PM_9600099 Multiple phosphorylation of chicken protein tyrosine phosphatase 1 and human protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B by casein kinase II and p60c-src in vitro.

PM_9560226 Activation of protein tyrosine kinase PYK2 by the m1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor.

PM_9566874 Stat3 activation by Src induces specific gene regulation and is required for cell transformation.

PM_9584165 RACK1, a receptor for activated C kinase and a homolog of the beta subunit of G proteins, inhibits activity of src tyrosine kinases and growth of NIH 3T3 cells.

PM_9499064 Activation of heterologous gene expression by the large isoform of hepatitis delta antigen.

PM_7678701 Phosphorylation of Src mutants at Tyr 527 in fibroblasts does not correlate with in vitro phosphorylation by CSK.

PM_7683128 Regulation of c-Src tyrosine kinase activity by the Src SH2 domain.

PM_8479754 Two potentially oncogenic cyclins, cyclin A and cyclin D1, share common properties of subunit configuration, tyrosine phosphorylation and physical association with the Rb protein.

PM_7682059 In vitro tyrosine phosphorylation of PLC-gamma 1 and PLC-gamma 2 by src-family protein tyrosine kinases.

PM_8506375 Identification of the gene associated with the recurring chromosomal translocations t(3;14)(q27;q32) and t(3;22)(q27;q11) in B-cell lymphomas.

PM_8510939 Organization and analysis of the promoter region and 5' non-coding exons of the human c-src proto-oncogene.

PM_7681396 Activation of Src family kinases by colony stimulating factor-1, and their association with its receptor.

PM_7691597 Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase alpha activates pp60c-src and is involved in neuronal differentiation.

PM_8356071 The Src family tyrosine kinases are required for platelet-derived growth factor-mediated signal transduction in NIH 3T3 cells.

PM_7506422 Involvement of pp60c-src with two major signaling pathways in human breast cancer.

PM_8253717 Cloning and expression of a human CDC42 GTPase-activating protein reveals a functional SH3-binding domain.

PM_8272872 Association of transcription factor APRF and protein kinase Jak1 with the interleukin-6 signal transducer gp130.

PM_7513429 Analysis of the binding of the Src homology 2 domain of Csk to tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins in the suppression and mitotic activation of c-Src.

PM_7517401 Raf-1 interacts with Fyn and Src in a non-phosphotyrosine-dependent manner.

PM_7513017 Syk activation by the Src-family tyrosine kinase in the B cell receptor signaling.

PM_7510703 Electrotransjection of pp60v-src monoclonal antibody inhibits activation of phospholipase C in platelets. A new mechanism for platelet-activating factor responses.

PM_7516469 Identification of Src, Fyn, and Lyn SH3-binding proteins: implications for a function of SH3 domains.

PM_7515480 SH2 domain specificity and activity modified by a single residue.

PM_8054685 Direct interaction of v-Src with the focal adhesion kinase mediated by the Src SH2 domain.

PM_7518772 Phosphorylation of receptor protein-tyrosine phosphatase alpha on Tyr789, a binding site for the SH3-SH2-SH3 adaptor protein GRB-2 in vivo.

PM_7519780 Src kinase associates with a member of a distinct subfamily of protein-tyrosine phosphatases containing an ezrin-like domain.

PM_7521304 Src-related protein tyrosine kinases are physically associated with the surface antigen CD36 in human dermal microvascular endothelial cells.

PM_8070403 A novel signaling molecule, p130, forms stable complexes in vivo with v-Crk and v-Src in a tyrosine phosphorylation-dependent manner.

PM_7518927 Prolactin activates the interferon-regulated p91 transcription factor and the Jak2 kinase by tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_7527558 Amino-terminal basic residues of Src mediate membrane binding through electrostatic interaction with acidic phospholipids.

PM_7997267 Integrin-mediated signal transduction linked to Ras pathway by GRB2 binding to focal adhesion kinase.

PM_7537362 Molecular interactions of the Src homology 2 domain protein Shb with phosphotyrosine residues, tyrosine kinase receptors and Src homology 3 domain proteins.

PM_7529876 Tyrosine phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase at sites in the catalytic domain regulates kinase activity: a role for Src family kinases.

PM_7530249 Structural and functional studies of the intracellular tyrosine kinase MATK gene and its translated product.

PM_7537214 A major role for the protein tyrosine kinase JAK1 in the JAK/STAT signal transduction pathway in response to interleukin-6.

PM_7534286 Molecular cloning of human paxillin, a focal adhesion protein phosphorylated by P210BCR/ABL.

PM_7532003 Solution structure of the human pp60c-src SH2 domain complexed with a phosphorylated tyrosine pentapeptide.

PM_7537265 Functional interaction between c-Src and its mitotic target, Sam 68.

PM_7537495 Autophosphorylation activity and association with Src family kinase of Sky receptor tyrosine kinase.

PM_11007774 Identification of protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B as the major tyrosine phosphatase activity capable of dephosphorylating and activating c-Src in several human breast cancer cell lines.

PM_11071635 Stem cell factor induces phosphatidylinositol 3'-kinase-dependent Lyn/Tec/Dok-1 complex formation in hematopoietic cells.

PM_11013230 Direct binding of activated c-Src to the beta 3-adrenergic receptor is required for MAP kinase activation.

PM_11106497 Modulation by Ca(2+) and by membrane binding of the dynamics of domain III of annexin 2 (p36) and the annexin 2-p11 complex (p90): implications for their biochemical properties.

PM_11127814 Meltrin alpha cytoplasmic domain interacts with SH3 domains of Src and Grb2 and is phosphorylated by v-Src.

PM_10945997 cAMP-dependent protein kinase phosphorylation of EVL, a Mena/VASP relative, regulates its interaction with actin and SH3 domains.

PM_11113628 Modification of the composition of polycystin-1 multiprotein complexes by calcium and tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_10978326 An alternative, human SRC promoter and its regulation by hepatic nuclear factor-1alpha.

PM_11032808 Steroid-induced androgen receptor-oestradiol receptor beta-Src complex triggers prostate cancer cell proliferation.

PM_11039464 GP2, a GPI-anchored protein in the apical plasma membrane of the pancreatic acinar cell, co-immunoprecipitates with src kinases and caveolin.

PM_11158331 Two distinct nuclear receptor-interaction domains and CREB-binding protein-dependent transactivation function of activating signal cointegrator-2.

PM_11085988 Functional interaction of human Cdc37 with the androgen receptor but not with the glucocorticoid receptor.

PM_11152665 The c-Src tyrosine kinase regulates signaling of the human DF3/MUC1 carcinoma-associated antigen with GSK3 beta and beta-catenin.

PM_11024032 Characterization of Fyn-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation sites on GluR epsilon 2 (NR2B) subunit of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor.

PM_11279024 Regulation of beta-catenin structure and activity by tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_11309200 Phosphorylation of p190 on Tyr1105 by c-Src is necessary but not sufficient for EGF-induced actin disassembly in C3H10T1/2 fibroblasts.

PM_11294897 Identification of tyrosine residues in constitutively activated fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 involved in mitogenesis, Stat activation, and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activation.

PM_11124251 Interaction of c-Src with gap junction protein connexin-43. Role in the regulation of cell-cell communication.

PM_11279199 The interaction of Src and RACK1 is enhanced by activation of protein kinase C and tyrosine phosphorylation of RACK1.

PM_11379820 Fibroblasts can express glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) in vivo.

PM_11389730 Differential actions of p60c-Src and Lck kinases on the Ras regulators p120-GAP and GDP/GTP exchange factor CDC25Mm.

PM_11279201 Identification of reelin-induced sites of tyrosyl phosphorylation on disabled 1.

PM_11313464 JAK2 activates TFII-I and regulates its interaction with extracellular signal-regulated kinase.

PM_11350938 Protein kinase PKR is required for platelet-derived growth factor signaling of c-fos gene expression via Erks and Stat3.

PM_11084024 CD44 interaction with c-Src kinase promotes cortactin-mediated cytoskeleton function and hyaluronic acid-dependent ovarian tumor cell migration.

PM_11353842 Stimulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase by fibroblast growth factor receptors is mediated by coordinated recruitment of multiple docking proteins.

PM_11373296 Identification of phosphorylation sites for Bruton's tyrosine kinase within the transcriptional regulator BAP/TFII-I.

PM_11431473 Rich, a rho GTPase-activating protein domain-containing protein involved in signaling by Cdc42 and Rac1.

PM_11514617 Focal adhesion kinase and p130Cas mediate both sarcomeric organization and activation of genes associated with cardiac myocyte hypertrophy.

PM_11514593 v-Src phosphorylation of connexin 43 on Tyr247 and Tyr265 disrupts gap junctional communication.

PM_11483655 Tyrosine phosphorylation of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor by exogenous and postsynaptic density-associated Src-family kinases.

PM_11375989 A nuclear SH3 domain-binding protein that colocalizes with mRNA splicing factors and intermediate filament-containing perinuclear networks.

PM_11445557 Regulation of Akt/PKB activation by tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_11494128 Multiple signaling interactions of Abl and Arg kinases with the EphB2 receptor.

PM_11520933 Nerve growth factor signaling, neuroprotection, and neural repair.

PM_11415982 Thyroid hormone regulates the obesity gene tub.

PM_11382764 Identification of Src phosphorylation sites in the catenin p120ctn.

PM_11524430 Src family kinases mediate receptor-stimulated, phosphoinositide 3-kinase-dependent, tyrosine phosphorylation of dual adaptor for phosphotyrosine and 3-phosphoinositides-1 in endothelial and B cell lines.

PM_11483589 The epidermal growth factor receptor regulates interaction of the human DF3/MUC1 carcinoma antigen with c-Src and beta-catenin.

PM_11708798 The microbial receptor CEACAM3 is linked to the calprotectin complex in granulocytes.

PM_11576548 Inhibition of Src by direct interaction with protein phosphatase 2A.

PM_11564893 The modified human DNA repair enzyme O(6)-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase is a negative regulator of estrogen receptor-mediated transcription upon alkylation DNA damage.

PM_11481331 Identification of tyrosine phosphorylation sites on 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1 and their role in regulating kinase activity.

PM_11577104 Phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate directs association of Src homology 2-containing signaling proteins with gelsolin.

PM_11593413 Protein phosphatase 2A interacts with the Src kinase substrate p130(CAS).

PM_11724572 Tyrosine phosphorylation of beta-dystroglycan at its WW domain binding motif, PPxY, recruits SH2 domain containing proteins.

PM_11602604 RGS16 function is regulated by epidermal growth factor receptor-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_11713277 Nerve growth factor stimulates multisite tyrosine phosphorylation and activation of the atypical protein kinase C's via a src kinase pathway.

PM_11739737 Gab3, a new DOS/Gab family member, facilitates macrophage differentiation.

PM_11353545 Requirements for activation and RAFT localization of the T-lymphocyte kinase Rlk/Txk.

PM_11741599 Multiple interactions of the cytosolic polyproline region of the CD95 ligand: hints for the reverse signal transduction capacity of a death factor.

PM_11780046 Specifying transcription.

PM_11780052 The DNA sequence and comparative analysis of human chromosome 20.

PM_11723131 Phosphorylation of beta3 integrin controls ligand binding strength.

PM_11696545 Cooperative coactivation of estrogen receptor alpha in ZR-75 human breast cancer cells by SNURF and TATA-binding protein.

PM_11781820 Phosphorylation and structure-based functional studies reveal a positive and a negative role for the activation loop of the c-Abl tyrosine kinase.

PM_11780043 Part three in the book of genes.

PM_11960376 UCS15A, a novel small molecule, SH3 domain-mediated protein-protein interaction blocking drug.

PM_11877451 Regulation of arrestin-3 phosphorylation by casein kinase II.

PM_11927607 Src-mediated coupling of focal adhesion kinase to integrin alpha(v)beta5 in vascular endothelial growth factor signaling.

PM_11827972 MICAL, a novel CasL interacting molecule, associates with vimentin.

PM_11854294 Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of the low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP). Evidence for integrated co-receptor function betwenn LRP and the PDGF.

PM_11994743 v-Src's hold over actin and cell adhesions.

PM_11940607 Coordinate interactions of Csk, Src, and Syk kinases with [alpha]IIb[beta]3 initiate integrin signaling to the cytoskeleton.

PM_11934669 Cr supplementation decreases tyrosine phosphorylation of the CreaT in skeletal muscle during sepsis.

PM_11741929 Phosphorylation-dependent interactions between ADAM15 cytoplasmic domain and Src family protein-tyrosine kinases.

PM_11980671 Focal adhesion kinase enhances signaling through the Shc/extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway in anaplastic astrocytoma tumor biopsy samples.

PM_11872746 Tyrosine kinase c-Src constitutes a bridge between cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator channel failure and MUC1 overexpression in cystic fibrosis.

PM_11751924 Cell surface glycoprotein PZR is a major mediator of concanavalin A-induced cell signaling.

PM_11834728 Regulation of an ERG K+ current by Src tyrosine kinase.

PM_11971983 Tyrosine phosphorylation regulates alpha II spectrin cleavage by calpain.

PM_11964172 Differential effect of the inhibition of Grb2-SH3 interactions in platelet activation induced by thrombin and by Fc receptor engagement.

PM_11875070 ERK8, a new member of the mitogen-activated protein kinase family.

PM_11834516 Molecular conformation dictates signaling module formation: example of PKCepsilon and Src tyrosine kinase.

PM_11884411 Discoidin domain receptor 2 interacts with Src and Shc following its activation by type I collagen.

PM_11934902 c-Src-dependent transcriptional activation of TFII-I.

PM_11923305 Mitotic activation of protein-tyrosine phosphatase alpha and regulation of its Src-mediated transforming activity by its sites of protein kinase C phosphorylation.

PM_12052863 c-Src-mediated phosphorylation of hnRNP K drives translational activation of specifically silenced mRNAs.

PM_12063167 Activation of a Src-dependent Raf-MEK1/2-ERK signaling pathway is required for IL-1alpha-induced upregulation of beta-defensin 2 in human middle ear epithelial cells.

PM_11983694 Src-dependent phosphorylation of the epidermal growth factor receptor on tyrosine 845 is required for zinc-induced Ras activation.

PM_12077347 Novel transcription coactivator complex containing activating signal cointegrator 1.

PM_12095943 Src is an initial target of sex steroid hormone action.

PM_12145209 Targeting of SWI/SNF chromatin remodelling complexes to estrogen-responsive genes.

PM_12011079 Src-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation regulates dynamin self-assembly and ligand-induced endocytosis of the epidermal growth factor receptor.

PM_12024042 Recruitment of the NCoA/SRC-1/p160 family of transcriptional coactivators by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor/aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator complex.

PM_12216109 Functional involvement of src and focal adhesion kinase in a CD99 splice variant-induced motility of human breast cancer cells.

PM_11940572 ErbB-2 activates Stat3 alpha in a Src- and JAK2-dependent manner.

PM_12153558 Phosphorylation of calmodulin. Functional implications.

PM_12215529 Cdc42/Rac1-mediated activation primes PAK2 for superactivation by tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_12237775 Biological activity of the thyroid TRK-T3 oncogene requires signalling through Shc.

PM_12370243 DAP-kinase induces apoptosis by suppressing integrin activity and disrupting matrix survival signals.

PM_12219031 Complement regulatory protein CD59 involves c-SRC related tyrosine phosphorylation of the creatine transporter in skeletal muscle during sepsis.

PM_12072427 Putative role of the orphan nuclear receptor SXR (steroid and xenobiotic receptor) in the mechanism of CYP3A4 inhibition by xenobiotics.

PM_12048194 Adaptor protein Shc is an isoform-specific direct activator of the tyrosine kinase c-Src.

PM_12235291 Src family tyrosine kinases regulate adhesion-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation of 5'-inositol phosphatase SHIP2 during cell attachment and spreading on collagen I.

PM_12138090 QM, a putative tumor suppressor, regulates proto-oncogene c-yes.

PM_12387813 High-affinity Src-SH2 ligands which do not activate Tyr(527)-phosphorylated Src in an experimental in vivo system.

PM_12091389 The long and short isoforms of Ret function as independent signaling complexes.

PM_12060669 The Src-cortactin pathway is required for clustering of E-selectin and ICAM-1 in endothelial cells.

PM_12014986 Phospholipase D1 is threonine-phosphorylated in human-airway epithelial cells stimulated by sphingosine-1-phosphate by a mechanism involving Src tyrosine kinase and protein kinase Cdelta.

PM_12210743 Involvement of PI3-kinase and its association with c-Src in PTH-stimulated rat enterocytes.

PM_12226752 A scaffold protein in the c-Jun N-terminal kinase signaling pathway is associated with focal adhesion kinase and tyrosine-phosphorylated.

PM_12162444 Arsenic carcinogenicity: relevance of c-Src activation.

PM_12397603 Anchorage-independent phosphorylation of p130(Cas) protects lung adenocarcinoma cells from anoikis.

PM_12468645 Expression and subcellular distribution of the active form of c-Src tyrosine kinase in differentiating human endometrial stromal cells.

PM_12244095 Activation of STAT3 by the Src family kinase Hck requires a functional SH3 domain.

PM_12477932 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.

PM_12411494 The Src family kinase Hck couples BCR/ABL to STAT5 activation in myeloid leukemia cells.

PM_12429837 pp60Src mediates insulin-stimulated sequestration of the beta(2)-adrenergic receptor: insulin stimulates pp60Src phosphorylation and activation.

PM_12462387 Activation of c-Src is inversely correlated with biological aggressiveness of breast carcinoma.

PM_12650714 Progesterone receptor interacting coregulatory proteins and cross talk with cell signaling pathways.

PM_12420216 Src activation regulates anoikis in human colon tumor cell lines.

PM_12416028 Src protein kinase pp60c-src influences adhesion stabilization of HT-29 colon carcinoma cells to extracellular matrix components under dynamic conditions of laminar flow.

PM_12402152 Elevated c-Src is linked to altered cell-matrix adhesion rather than proliferation in KM12C human colorectal cancer cells.

PM_9632142 Complex formation between EphB2 and Src requires phosphorylation of tyrosine 611 in the EphB2 juxtamembrane region.

PM_9621077 Human immunodeficiency virus tat modulates the Flk-1/KDR receptor, mitogen-activated protein kinases, and components of focal adhesion in Kaposi's sarcoma cells.

PM_9687533 T cell receptor (TCR) interacting molecule (TRIM), a novel disulfide-linked dimer associated with the TCR-CD3-zeta complex, recruits intracellular signaling proteins to the plasma membrane.

PM_9687503 A new method for isolating tyrosine kinase substrates used to identify fish, an SH3 and PX domain-containing protein, and Src substrate.

PM_9701558 Characterisation of alpha-dystrobrevin in muscle.

PM_9710204 Roles of Lck, Syk and ZAP-70 tyrosine kinases in TCR-mediated phosphorylation of the adapter protein Shc.

PM_9693360 Integrin-mediated signaling events in human endothelial cells.

PM_9655255 Formation of a stable src-AFAP-110 complex through either an amino-terminal or a carboxy-terminal SH2-binding motif.

PM_12558988 Specific interactions of neuronal focal adhesion kinase isoforms with Src kinases and amphiphysin.

PM_12640114 p120 Catenin-associated Fer and Fyn tyrosine kinases regulate beta-catenin Tyr-142 phosphorylation and beta-catenin-alpha-catenin Interaction.

PM_12612073 Two domains of the progesterone receptor interact with the estrogen receptor and are required for progesterone activation of the c-Src/Erk pathway in mammalian cells.

PM_12473651 Characterization of a novel negative regulator (DOC-2/DAB2) of c-Src in normal prostatic epithelium and cancer.

PM_12618767 Cysteine residues in the C-terminal lobe of Src: their role in the suppression of the Src kinase.

PM_12540962 Plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase isoform 4b is phosphorylated on tyrosine 1176 in activated human platelets.

PM_12615912 Integrin alpha2beta1 mediates outside-in regulation of platelet spreading on collagen through activation of Src kinases and PLCgamma2.

PM_12387730 Site-specific phosphorylation of platelet focal adhesion kinase by low-density lipoprotein.

PM_12429743 Tyrosine phosphorylation of I kappa B alpha activates NF kappa B through a redox-regulated and c-Src-dependent mechanism following hypoxia/reoxygenation.

PM_12429742 STAT5b, a Mediator of Synergism between c-Src and the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor.

PM_12615911 Differential regulation of cell motility and invasion by FAK.

PM_12493773 Global profiling of the cell surface proteome of cancer cells uncovers an abundance of proteins with chaperone function.

PM_12454018 Characterization of a brain-specific Rho GTPase-activating protein, p200RhoGAP.

PM_12576423 Reduction of wound angiogenesis in patients treated with BMS-275291, a broad spectrum matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor.

PM_12631284 TRAF6 and C-SRC induce synergistic AP-1 activation via PI3-kinase-AKT-JNK pathway.

PM_12604776 Src promotes destruction of c-Cbl: implications for oncogenic synergy between Src and growth factor receptors.

PM_12506110 Defective activation of c-Src in cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells results in loss of tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced gap junction regulation.

PM_12612084 Electrostatic modulation in steroid receptor recruitment of LXXLL and FXXLF motifs.

PM_12456510 Felic (CIP4b), a novel binding partner with the Src kinase Lyn and Cdc42, localizes to the phagocytic cup.

PM_12522270 Profiling of tyrosine phosphorylation pathways in human cells using mass spectrometry.

PM_12456372 Functional implication of the interaction between EGF receptor and c-Src.

PM_12482968 Activating signal cointegrator 2 belongs to a novel steady-state complex that contains a subset of trithorax group proteins.

PM_9819391 ASAP1, a phospholipid-dependent arf GTPase-activating protein that associates with and is phosphorylated by Src.

PM_9736760 Activation of the genetically defined m1 muscarinic receptor potentiates N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor currents in hippocampal pyramidal cells.

PM_9822703 Insulin receptor substrate-1 as a signaling molecule for focal adhesion kinase pp125(FAK) and pp60(src).

PM_9748248 The role of tyrosine phosphorylation of cortactin in the locomotion of endothelial cells.

PM_9763511 Tau interacts with src-family non-receptor tyrosine kinases.

PM_9792645 Tumor necrosis factor-alpha activation of nuclear transcription factor-kappaB in marrow macrophages is mediated by c-Src tyrosine phosphorylation of Ikappa Balpha.

PM_9778343 RT loop flexibility enhances the specificity of Src family SH3 domains for HIV-1 Nef.

PM_9843378 SH3 binding domains in the dopamine D4 receptor.

PM_9786846 Steroid receptor coactivator-1 interacts with serum response factor and coactivates serum response element-mediated transactivations.

PM_9819392 Phosphotyrosine (p-Tyr)-dependent and -independent mechanisms of p190 RhoGAP-p120 RasGAP interaction: Tyr 1105 of p190, a substrate for c-Src, is the sole p-Tyr mediator of complex formation.

PM_9774681 Integration of growth factor, extracellular matrix, and retinoid signals during bronchial epithelial cell differentiation.

PM_9837922 Regulation of TFII-I activity by phosphorylation.

PM_9837958 c-Src kinase activity is required for hepatocyte growth factor-induced motility and anchorage-independent growth of mammary carcinoma cells.

PM_10567404 A nuclear factor, ASC-2, as a cancer-amplified transcriptional coactivator essential for ligand-dependent transactivation by nuclear receptors in vivo.

PM_10195142 Tyrosine kinase potentiates NMDA receptor currents by reducing tonic zinc inhibition.

PM_10571082 The unique N-terminal domain of the cAMP phosphodiesterase PDE4D4 allows for interaction with specific SH3 domains.

PM_10545505 Degraded collagen fragments promote rapid disassembly of smooth muscle focal adhesions that correlates with cleavage of pp125(FAK), paxillin, and talin.

PM_10544291 Neuron-specific Cdk5 kinase is responsible for mitosis-independent phosphorylation of c-Src at Ser75 in human Y79 retinoblastoma cells.

PM_9860979 The adaptor protein Crk connects multiple cellular stimuli to the JNK signaling pathway.

PM_10195137 Zinc, Src and NMDA receptors--a transmembrane connection.

PM_9867848 The carboxyl-terminal region of biliary glycoprotein controls its tyrosine phosphorylation and association with protein-tyrosine phosphatases SHP-1 and SHP-2 in epithelial cells.

PM_10635328 TRANCE, a TNF family member, activates Akt/PKB through a signaling complex involving TRAF6 and c-Src.

PM_9880482 Src-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation of dynamin is required for beta2-adrenergic receptor internalization and mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling.

PM_9924018 Beta-arrestin-dependent formation of beta2 adrenergic receptor-Src protein kinase complexes.

PM_10527887 Identification of Src as a novel atypical protein kinase C-interacting protein.

PM_10206955 The myeloid-specific sialic acid-binding receptor, CD33, associates with the protein-tyrosine phosphatases, SHP-1 and SHP-2.

PM_10022920 Identification of a new Pyk2 target protein with Arf-GAP activity.

PM_9988270 Activating SRC mutation in a subset of advanced human colon cancers.

PM_10205168 Serine and tyrosine phosphorylations cooperate in Raf-1, but not B-Raf activation.

PM_10075741 c-Src-mediated phosphorylation of the epidermal growth factor receptor on Tyr845 and Tyr1101 is associated with modulation of receptor function.

PM_10070972 Ret-mediated mitogenesis requires Src kinase activity.

PM_10085298 Protein tyrosine phosphatase-PEST regulates focal adhesion disassembly, migration, and cytokinesis in fibroblasts.

PM_10082541 Two distinct interleukin-3-mediated signal pathways, Ras-NFIL3 (E4BP4) and Bcl-xL, regulate the survival of murine pro-B lymphocytes.

PM_9988659 The path to specificity.

PM_10339567 CMS: an adapter molecule involved in cytoskeletal rearrangements.

PM_10092678 The signaling adapter FRS-2 competes with Shc for binding to the nerve growth factor receptor TrkA. A model for discriminating proliferation and differentiation.

PM_10187839 Proline-rich motifs of the Na+/H+ exchanger 2 isoform. Binding of Src homology domain 3 and role in apical targeting in epithelia.

PM_10458595 The effect of transient global ischemia on the interaction of Src and Fyn with the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor and postsynaptic densities: possible involvement of Src homology 2 domains.

PM_10454579 Activating signal cointegrator 1, a novel transcription coactivator of nuclear receptors, and its cytosolic localization under conditions of serum deprivation.

PM_10487518 The role of SRC-CAS interactions in cellular transformation: ectopic expression of the carboxy terminus of CAS inhibits SRC-CAS interaction but has no effect on cellular transformation.

PM_10391903 Gab2, a new pleckstrin homology domain-containing adapter protein, acts to uncouple signaling from ERK kinase to Elk-1.

PM_10395945 Enhancement of tyrosyl phosphorylation and protein expression of eps8 by v-Src.

PM_10428862 Independent SH2-binding sites mediate interaction of Dok-related protein with RasGTPase-activating protein and Nck.

PM_10362724 Regulation of endothelial cell myosin light chain kinase by Rho, cortactin, and p60(src).

PM_10462375 Modulation of hepatic acute phase gene expression by epidermal growth factor and Src protein tyrosine kinases in murine and human hepatic cells.

PM_10455194 Vascular endothelial growth factor signals endothelial cell production of nitric oxide and prostacyclin through flk-1/KDR activation of c-Src.

PM_10467411 Evidence for SH3 domain directed binding and phosphorylation of Sam68 by Src.

PM_10358079 ErbB receptor-induced activation of stat transcription factors is mediated by Src tyrosine kinases.

PM_10455176 Tyrosine phosphorylation of tub and its association with Src homology 2 domain-containing proteins implicate tub in intracellular signaling by insulin.

PM_10636929 Biochemical interactions integrating Itk with the T cell receptor-initiated signaling cascade.

PM_10688651 Etk, a Btk family tyrosine kinase, mediates cellular transformation by linking Src to STAT3 activation.

PM_10698938 A phosphotyrosine displacement mechanism for activation of Src by PTPalpha.

PM_10644995 Replacing two conserved tyrosines of the EphB2 receptor with glutamic acid prevents binding of SH2 domains without abrogating kinase activity and biological responses.

PM_10482988 SHC and SHIP phosphorylation and interaction in response to activation of the FLT3 receptor.

PM_10517671 p120 acts as a specific coactivator for 9-cis-retinoic acid receptor (RXR) on peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma/RXR heterodimers.

PM_10521452 Negative regulation of PYK2/related adhesion focal tyrosine kinase signal transduction by hematopoietic tyrosine phosphatase SHPTP1.

PM_10657632 Membrane cofactor protein (MCP; CD46): isoform-specific tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_10681522 Dissecting the interaction of SHP-2 with PZR, an immunoglobulin family protein containing immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motifs.

PM_10734107 The beta(2)-adrenergic receptor mediates extracellular signal-regulated kinase activation via assembly of a multi-receptor complex with the epidermal growth factor receptor.

PM_10508857 ErbB4 signaling in the mammary gland is required for lobuloalveolar development and Stat5 activation during lactation.

PM_10838070 Modulation of EWS/WT1 activity by the v-Src protein tyrosine kinase.

PM_10739664 Crk-associated substrate p130(Cas) interacts with nephrocystin and both proteins localize to cell-cell contacts of polarized epithelial cells.

PM_10801826 Platelet-endothelial cell adhesion molecule-1 (CD31), a scaffolding molecule for selected catenin family members whose binding is mediated by different tyrosine and serine/threonine phosphorylation.

PM_10781592 Regulated association of microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2) with Src and Grb2: evidence for MAP2 as a scaffolding protein.

PM_10787408 Identification of p130cas as an in vivo substrate of receptor protein-tyrosine phosphatase alpha.

PM_10744074 Loss of cell-cell contact is induced by integrin-mediated cell-substratum adhesion in highly-motile and highly-metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma cells.

PM_10777553 Carbachol-stimulated transactivation of epidermal growth factor receptor and mitogen-activated protein kinase in T(84) cells is mediated by intracellular ca(2+), PYK-2, and p60(src).

PM_10847592 Activating protein-1, nuclear factor-kappaB, and serum response factor as novel target molecules of the cancer-amplified transcription coactivator ASC-2.

PM_10871840 Identification of Grb10 as a direct substrate for members of the Src tyrosine kinase family.

PM_10884433 Nonreceptor tyrosine protein kinase pp60c-src in spatial learning: synapse-specific changes in its gene expression, tyrosine phosphorylation, and protein-protein interactions.

PM_10777539 Transcriptional activation by hepatocyte nuclear factor-1 requires synergism between multiple coactivator proteins.

PM_10982829 The coiled-coil domain of Stat3 is essential for its SH2 domain-mediated receptor binding and subsequent activation induced by epidermal growth factor and interleukin-6.

PM_10899172 Specificity of the binding of synapsin I to Src homology 3 domains.

PM_10918587 Transformation and Stat activation by derivatives of FGFR1, FGFR3, and FGFR4.

PM_10959835 Dab1 tyrosine phosphorylation sites relay positional signals during mouse brain development.

PM_10858437 Collagen, convulxin, and thrombin stimulate aggregation-independent tyrosine phosphorylation of CD31 in platelets. Evidence for the involvement of Src family kinases.

PM_10931187 Echistatin inhibits pp125FAK autophosphorylation, paxillin phosphorylation and pp125FAK-paxillin interaction in fibronectin-adherent melanoma cells.

PM_10971656 Adaptor protein Shc undergoes translocation and mediates up-regulation of the tyrosine kinase c-Src in EGF-stimulated A431 cells.

PM_10846184 Src-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation of NR2 subunits of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors protects from calpain-mediated truncation of their C-terminal domains.

PM_10984504 Molecular determinants of coordinated proton and zinc inhibition of N-methyl-D-aspartate NR1/NR2A receptors.

PM_10984520 Diverse roles of the tumor necrosis factor family member TRANCE in skeletal physiology revealed by TRANCE deficiency and partial rescue by a lymphocyte-expressed TRANCE transgene.

PM_10973497 DAF-16 recruits the CREB-binding protein coactivator complex to the insulin-like growth factor binding protein 1 promoter in HepG2 cells.

PM_11013076 Identification of the human Mnk2 gene (MKNK2) through protein interaction with estrogen receptor beta.

PM_15276210 Regulation of alternative SRC promoter usage in HepG2 hepatocellular carcinoma cells.

PM_15175272 The intranuclear localization and function of YT521-B is regulated by tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_15184363 Identification of a novel family of ankyrin repeats containing cofactors for p160 nuclear receptor coactivators.

PM_15254245 RACK1 regulates G1/S progression by suppressing Src kinase activity.

PM_15272013 SHEP1 function in cell migration is impaired by a single amino acid mutation that disrupts association with the scaffolding protein cas but not with Ras GTPases.

PM_15297464 A juxtamembrane tyrosine in the colony stimulating factor-1 receptor regulates ligand-induced Src association, receptor kinase function, and down-regulation.

PM_15489336 From ORFeome to biology: a functional genomics pipeline.

PM_15271991 Obligatory role of Src kinase in the signaling mechanism for TRPC3 cation channels.

PM_15286700 Prolactin induces c-Myc expression and cell survival through activation of Src/Akt pathway in lymphoid cells.

PM_15489334 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).

PM_15363460 In silico activation of Src tyrosine kinase reveals the molecular basis for intramolecular autophosphorylation.

PM_15337529 Src tyrosine kinase regulates insulin-induced activation of protein kinase C (PKC) delta in skeletal muscle.

PM_15466214 Changes in androgen receptor nongenotropic signaling correlate with transition of LNCaP cells to androgen independence.

PM_15229287 The phosphorylation of vinculin on tyrosine residues 100 and 1065, mediated by SRC kinases, affects cell spreading.

PM_15546919 ARAP3 is transiently tyrosine phosphorylated in cells attaching to fibronectin and inhibits cell spreading in a RhoGAP-dependent manner.

PM_15522237 Type I collagen synergistically enhances PDGF-induced smooth muscle cell proliferation through pp60src-dependent crosstalk between the alpha2beta1 integrin and PDGFbeta receptor.

PM_15546918 PKA phosphorylation of Src mediates Rap1 activation in NGF and cAMP signaling in PC12 cells.

PM_15467744 Fibronectin and type IV collagen activate ERalpha AF-1 by c-Src pathway: effect on breast cancer cell motility.

PM_15304482 Dual phosphorylations underlie modulation of unitary KCNQ K(+) channels by Src tyrosine kinase.

PM_15342783 Regulation of cell motility by tyrosine phosphorylated villin.

PM_15532711 N-terminal kinase, and c-Src are activated in human aortic smooth muscle cells by pressure stress.

PM_15456896 Induction of cyclooxygenase-2 overexpression in human gastric epithelial cells by Helicobacter pylori involves TLR2/TLR9 and c-Src-dependent nuclear factor-kappaB activation.

PM_15522235 Tyrosine phosphatase epsilonM stimulates migration and survival of porcine aortic endothelial cells by activating c-Src.

PM_15564375 FRS2-dependent SRC activation is required for fibroblast growth factor receptor-induced phosphorylation of Sprouty and suppression of ERK activity.

PM_15485865 G16-mediated activation of nuclear factor kappaB by the adenosine A1 receptor involves c-Src, protein kinase C, and ERK signaling.

PM_15494217 c-Src is involved in regulating signal transmission from PDGFbeta receptor-GPCR(s) complexes in mammalian cells.

PM_15647376 Src-dependent ezrin phosphorylation in adhesion-mediated signaling.

PM_15618223 Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate induces epidermal growth factor receptor transactivation via protein kinase Cdelta/c-Src pathways in glioblastoma cells.

PM_15528270 Characterization of the cholesterol recognition amino acid consensus sequence of the peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor.

PM_15588985 Substrate-trapping techniques in the identification of cellular PTP targets.

PM_15583006 Functional interaction of protein kinase Calpha with the tyrosine kinases Syk and Src in human platelets.

PM_15623523 Phosphoryl transfer step in the C-terminal Src kinase controls Src recognition.

PM_15557335 Src phosphorylation of Alix/AIP1 modulates its interaction with binding partners and antagonizes its activities.

PM_15638726 Nef: "necessary and enforcing factor" in HIV infection.

PM_15574420 A novel role for Gab1 and SHP2 in epidermal growth factor-induced Ras activation.

PM_15696169 Selective regulation of tumor necrosis factor-induced Erk signaling by Src family kinases and the T cell protein tyrosine phosphatase.

PM_15498833 c-Src regulates clathrin adapter protein 2 interaction with beta-arrestin and the angiotensin II type 1 receptor during clathrin- mediated internalization.

PM_15777850 TGF-beta1-mediated activations of c-Src and Rac1 modulate levels of cyclins and p27(Kip1) CDK inhibitor in hepatoma cells replated on fibronectin.

PM_15818752 c-src activating mutation analysis in Chinese patients with colorectal cancer.

PM_15623525 Src phosphorylates ezrin at tyrosine 477 and induces a phosphospecific association between ezrin and a kelch-repeat protein family member.

PM_15749833 Functional role of c-Src in IL-1-induced NF-kappa B activation: c-Src is a component of the IKK complex.

PM_15835917 Phosphorylation of the human Fhit tumor suppressor on tyrosine 114 in Escherichia coli and unexpected steady state kinetics of the phosphorylated forms.

PM_15831486 Dok-R mediates attenuation of epidermal growth factor-dependent mitogen-activated protein kinase and Akt activation through processive recruitment of c-Src and Csk.

PM_15695802 The transcriptional co-activator protein p100 recruits histone acetyltransferase activity to STAT6 and mediates interaction between the CREB-binding protein and STAT6.

PM_15689620 Delayed activation of insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor/Src/MAPK/Egr-1 signaling regulates clusterin expression, a pro-survival factor.

PM_15688032 The steroid receptor co-activator-1 (SRC-1) potentiates TGF-beta/Smad signaling: role of p300/CBP.

PM_15746183 Src is necessary and sufficient for human airway smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration.

PM_15788656 Associations and interactions between Ets-1 and Ets-2 and coregulatory proteins, SRC-1, AIB1, and NCoR in breast cancer.

PM_15637072 Involvement of c-Src and protein kinase C delta in the inhibition of Cl(-)/OH- exchange activity in Caco-2 cells by serotonin.

PM_15851022 C2 can do it, too.

PM_15939018 The crystal structure of a c-Src complex in an active conformation suggests possible steps in c-Src activation.

PM_15735682 HIF-1alpha, STAT3, CBP/p300 and Ref-1/APE are components of a transcriptional complex that regulates Src-dependent hypoxia-induced expression of VEGF in pancreatic and prostate carcinomas.

PM_15782160 Mapping DNA-protein interactions in large genomes by sequence tag analysis of genomic enrichment.

PM_15853660 Novel insights into c-Src.

PM_15845350 Src kinase regulation by phosphorylation and dephosphorylation.

PM_15774483 Src-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation of p47phox in hyperoxia-induced activation of NADPH oxidase and generation of reactive oxygen species in lung endothelial cells.

PM_15851033 The C2 domain of PKCdelta is a phosphotyrosine binding domain.

PM_16038410 Plasma antibodies to heat shock protein 60 and heat shock protein 70 are associated with increased risk of electrocardiograph abnormalities in automobile workers exposed to noise.

PM_15872086 Calcium-induced human keratinocyte differentiation requires src- and fyn-mediated phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent activation of phospholipase C-gamma1.

PM_15994270 Pulmonary hypertension in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: current theories of pathogenesis and their implications for treatment.

PM_15834155 Kinetics of Src homology 3 domain association with the proline-rich domain of dynamins: specificity, occlusion, and the effects of phosphorylation.

PM_15872089 Dynamin forms a Src kinase-sensitive complex with Cbl and regulates podosomes and osteoclast activity.

PM_15782139 Connexin32 as a tumor suppressor gene in a metastatic renal cell carcinoma cell line.

PM_16105876 alpha(v)beta3-integrin-dependent activation of focal adhesion kinase mediates NF-kappaB activation and motogenic activity by HIV-1 Tat in endothelial cells.

PM_16005629 Integrins and Src: dynamic duo of adhesion signaling.

PM_16055703 Semaphorin 4D/plexin-B1 induces endothelial cell migration through the activation of PYK2, Src, and the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt pathway.

PM_15913451 PKCdelta mediates up-regulation of NOX1, a catalytic subunit of NADPH oxidase, via transactivation of the EGF receptor: possible involvement of PKCdelta in vascular hypertrophy.

PM_16115959 PTP-1B is an essential positive regulator of platelet integrin signaling.

PM_16163059 c-Src regulates constitutive and EGF-mediated VEGF expression in pancreatic tumor cells through activation of phosphatidyl inositol-3 kinase and p38 MAPK.

PM_16158247 SRC tyrosine kinase inhibitor, m475271, suppresses subcutaneous growth and production of lung metastasis via inhibition of proliferation, invasion, and vascularization of human lung adenocarcinoma cells.

PM_16020549 Physical and functional association of c-Src and adhesion and degranulation promoting adaptor protein (ADAP) in osteoclastogenesis in vitro.

PM_16027153 Tyrosine phosphorylation of VE-cadherin prevents binding of p120- and beta-catenin and maintains the cellular mesenchymal state.

PM_16179252 A skeleton of the human protein interactome.

PM_16168436 Crystal structures of active SRC kinase domain complexes.

PM_16002577 Bone morphogenetic protein receptor type II C-terminus interacts with c-Src: implication for a role in pulmonary arterial hypertension.

PM_16260653 Dual function of focal adhesion kinase in regulating integrin-induced MMP-2 and MMP-9 release by human T lymphoid cells.

PM_16103119 Uncoupling ligand-dependent and -independent mechanisms for mitogen-activated protein kinase activation by the murine Ron receptor tyrosine kinase.

PM_16169070 A human protein-protein interaction network: a resource for annotating the proteome.

PM_16264191 The Drosophila nucleosome remodeling factor NURF is required for Ecdysteroid signaling and metamorphosis.

PM_12621061 Signal transduction pathways regulated by prolactin and Src result in different conformations of activated Stat5b.

PM_12393736 Interaction between von Willebrand factor and glycoprotein Ib activates Src kinase in human platelets: role of phosphoinositide 3-kinase.

PM_12626508 Hypertonicity activates Na+/H+ exchange through Janus kinase 2 and calmodulin.

PM_12732616 Essential functions of p21-activated kinase 1 in morphogenesis and differentiation of mammary glands.

PM_12538589 Regulation of a transient receptor potential (TRP) channel by tyrosine phosphorylation. SRC family kinase-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation of TRPV4 on TYR-253 mediates its response to hypotonic stress.

PM_12588871 Src-mediated RGS16 tyrosine phosphorylation promotes RGS16 stability.

PM_12682013 Tyrosine phosphorylation of QKI mediates developmental signals to regulate mRNA metabolism.

PM_12540842 STAP-2/BKS, an adaptor/docking protein, modulates STAT3 activation in acute-phase response through its YXXQ motif.

PM_12637538 Tyrosine phosphorylation of protein kinase D in the pleckstrin homology domain leads to activation.

PM_12615930 Phosphorylation-dependent regulation of Kv2.1 Channel activity at tyrosine 124 by Src and by protein-tyrosine phosphatase epsilon.

PM_12554790 Protein tyrosine phosphatase PTP20 induces actin cytoskeleton reorganization by dephosphorylating p190 RhoGAP in rat ovarian granulosa cells stimulated with follicle-stimulating hormone.

PM_12624098 A unique resting position of the ATP-synthase from chloroplasts.

PM_12734410 HIV-1 Nef control of cell signalling molecules: multiple strategies to promote virus replication.

PM_12707358 Tyrosine phosphorylation of I-kappa B kinase alpha/beta by protein kinase C-dependent c-Src activation is involved in TNF-alpha-induced cyclooxygenase-2 expression.

PM_12697812 Transmodulation between phospholipase D and c-Src enhances cell proliferation.

PM_16166096 Altered exon usage in the juxtamembrane domain of mouse and human RON regulates receptor activity and signaling specificity.

PM_16186108 Tyrosine 740 phosphorylation of discoidin domain receptor 2 by Src stimulates intramolecular autophosphorylation and Shc signaling complex formation.

PM_16166158 Allosteric interaction between zinc and glutamate binding domains on NR2A causes desensitization of NMDA receptors.

PM_16273093 A quantitative protein interaction network for the ErbB receptors using protein microarrays.

PM_16158055 MUC1 oncoprotein is targeted to mitochondria by heregulin-induced activation of c-Src and the molecular chaperone HSP90.

PM_16400523 Src, Fyn and Yes play differential roles in VEGF-mediated endothelial cell events.

PM_16116474 Src-mediated phosphorylation regulates subcellular distribution and activity of human inducible nitric oxide synthase.

PM_16371650 FAK and Src kinases are required for netrin-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of UNC5.

PM_18095097 Substance P receptor in U373 MG human astrocytoma cells activates mitogen-activated protein kinases ERK1/2 through Src.

PM_16291744 Phosphorylated alpha-actinin and protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B coregulate the disassembly of the focal adhesion kinase x Src complex and promote cell migration.

PM_16381981 DBTSS: DataBase of Human Transcription Start Sites, progress report 2006.

PM_16414009 Src tyrosine kinase inhibitor PP2 suppresses ERK1/2 activation and epidermal growth factor receptor transactivation by X-irradiation.

PM_16465417 Expression of c-Src and comparison of cytologic features in cherubism, central giant cell granuloma and giant cell tumors.

PM_16322069 Transactivation of fetal liver kinase-1/kinase-insert domain-containing receptor by lysophosphatidylcholine induces vascular endothelial cell proliferation.

PM_16317091 Migration inhibitory factor up-regulates vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 via Src, PI3 kinase, and NFkappaB.

PM_16446431 RNAs induced by Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 2 in lymphoblastoid cell lines.

PM_16412380 Role of c-Src and focal adhesion kinase in progression and metastasis of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

PM_16374509 Identification of preferred protein interactions by phage-display of the human Src homology-3 proteome.

PM_16479011 The adaptor protein Tom1L1 is a negative regulator of Src mitogenic signaling induced by growth factors.

PM_16441665 Crosstalk between Src and major vault protein in epidermal growth factor-dependent cell signalling.

PM_16569657 TRAF6 activation of PI 3-kinase-dependent cytoskeletal changes is cooperative with Ras and is mediated by an interaction with cytoplasmic Src.

PM_16537444 Structural characterization of autoinhibited c-Met kinase produced by coexpression in bacteria with phosphatase.

PM_16640565 Receptor association and tyrosine phosphorylation of S6 kinases.

PM_16511561 Metalloproteinase/Presenilin1 processing of ephrinB regulates EphB-induced Src phosphorylation and signaling.

PM_16492668 Asymmetric arginine dimethylation of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K by protein-arginine methyltransferase 1 inhibits its interaction with c-Src.

PM_16619028 Src kinase phosphorylates Caspase-8 on Tyr380: a novel mechanism of apoptosis suppression.

PM_16440311 Collagen type I selectively activates ectodomain shedding of the discoidin domain receptor 1: involvement of Src tyrosine kinase.

PM_16581250 p130Cas: a versatile scaffold in signaling networks.

PM_16523241 Role of Src-specific phosphorylation site on focal adhesion kinase for senescence-associated apoptosis resistance.

PM_16543952 Nephrin ectodomain engagement results in Src kinase activation, nephrin phosphorylation, Nck recruitment, and actin polymerization.

PM_16407214 Epidermal growth factor receptor exposed to oxidative stress undergoes Src- and caveolin-1-dependent perinuclear trafficking.

PM_16728403 Role of c-Src in human MCF7 breast cancer cell tumorigenesis.

PM_16858407 Toll-like receptor 3 associates with c-Src tyrosine kinase on endosomes to initiate antiviral signaling.

PM_16845052 BABELOMICS: a systems biology perspective in the functional annotation of genome-scale experiments.

PM_16690617 Regulation of neuronal nitric-oxide synthase activity by somatostatin analogs following SST5 somatostatin receptor activation.

PM_16844778 Hsp90 inhibition transiently activates Src kinase and promotes Src-dependent Akt and Erk activation.

PM_16951177 Antiangiogenic and antitumor effects of SRC inhibition in ovarian carcinoma.

PM_16939223 Palmitoyl transferase activity of lecithin retinol acyl transferase.

PM_16740609 mGluR1/5 subtype-specific calcium signalling and induction of long-term potentiation in rat hippocampal oriens/alveus interneurones.

PM_16899217 Magicin associates with the Src-family kinases and is phosphorylated upon CD3 stimulation.

PM_16849330 HIV-1 Nef selectively activates Src family kinases Hck, Lyn, and c-Src through direct SH3 domain interaction.

PM_16840513 Protein-protein interactions in the mammalian brain.

PM_16862215 Nicotine induces cell proliferation by beta-arrestin-mediated activation of Src and Rb-Raf-1 pathways.

PM_16636672 Csk-binding protein (Cbp) negatively regulates epidermal growth factor-induced cell transformation by controlling Src activation.

PM_16837460 v-Src-dependent down-regulation of the Ste20-like kinase SLK by casein kinase II.

PM_16894533 Screening of genetic and expression alterations of SRC1 gene in prostate cancer.

PM_16825188 The role of Src kinase in insulin-like growth factor-dependent mitogenic signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells.

PM_16769082 Neuregulin activates erbB2-dependent src/FAK signaling and cytoskeletal remodeling in isolated adult rat cardiac myocytes.

PM_16377083 Differential effects of Stat3 inhibition in sparse vs confluent normal and breast cancer cells.

PM_16990796 PSD-95 is a negative regulator of the tyrosine kinase Src in the NMDA receptor complex.

PM_17053785 Tyrosine phosphorylated Par3 regulates epithelial tight junction assembly promoted by EGFR signaling.

PM_17021013 Coactivator as a target gene specificity determinant for histone H3 lysine 4 methyltransferases.

PM_16882656 Perlecan proteolysis induces an alpha2beta1 integrin- and Src family kinase-dependent anti-apoptotic pathway in fibroblasts in the absence of focal adhesion kinase activation.

PM_16891307 Underexpressed coactivators PGC1alpha and SRC1 impair hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha function and promote dedifferentiation in human hepatoma cells.

PM_17129774 A role for p130Cas in mechanotransduction.

PM_17056000 Regulation of c-Src activity by the expression of wild-type v-Src and its kinase-dead double Y416F-K295N mutant.

PM_17129785 Force sensing by mechanical extension of the Src family kinase substrate p130Cas.

PM_16966330 Phosphorylation of Tyr1214 within VEGFR-2 triggers the recruitment of Nck and activation of Fyn leading to SAPK2/p38 activation and endothelial cell migration in response to VEGF.

PM_17018524 SRC tail phosphorylation is limited by structural changes in the regulatory tyrosine kinase Csk.

PM_17038311 Proline-rich motifs in the parathyroid hormone (PTH)/PTH-related protein receptor C terminus mediate scaffolding of c-Src with beta-arrestin2 for ERK1/2 activation.

PM_17141222 PI3-kinase/Akt-dependent antiapoptotic signaling by the PDGF alpha receptor is negatively regulated by Src family kinases.

PM_17062641 Tyrosine phosphorylation of p145met mediated by EGFR and Src is required for serum-independent survival of human bladder carcinoma cells.

PM_16959222 Curcumin regulates signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) expression in K562 cells.

PM_17097642 Regulation of RKIP binding to the N-region of the Raf-1 kinase.

PM_17170700 Dosage-dependent switch from G protein-coupled to G protein-independent signaling by a GPCR.

PM_17130151 The mouse Gene Expression Database (GXD): 2007 update.

PM_17148475 Entrez Gene: gene-centered information at NCBI.

PM_17088251 Repetitive deformation activates focal adhesion kinase and ERK mitogenic signals in human Caco-2 intestinal epithelial cells through Src and Rac1.

PM_17030621 Loss of Hsp90 association up-regulates Src-dependent ErbB2 activity.

PM_12649275 Interaction of guanylyl cyclase C with SH3 domain of Src tyrosine kinase. Yet another mechanism for desensitization.

PM_12842760 Involvement of G(i) proteins and Src tyrosine kinase in TNFalpha production induced by lipopolysaccharide, group B Streptococci and Staphylococcus aureus.

PM_12795607 Localization of phospho-beta-dystroglycan (pY892) to an intracellular vesicular compartment in cultured cells and skeletal muscle fibers in vivo.

PM_12846735 Clustering-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of nephrin by Src family kinases.

PM_12846776 Nephrin sends us signals.

PM_12808100 Hydrogen peroxide triggers nuclear export of telomerase reverse transcriptase via Src kinase family-dependent phosphorylation of tyrosine 707.

PM_12829810 Activation and inhibition of cellular calcium and tyrosine kinase signaling pathways identify targets of the HBx protein involved in hepatitis B virus replication.

PM_12753909 Heregulin and HER2 signaling selectively activates c-Src phosphorylation at tyrosine 215.

PM_12663375 c-Src induces phosphorylation and translocation of p47phox: role in superoxide generation by angiotensin II in human vascular smooth muscle cells.

PM_12807712 c-Src and smooth muscle NAD(P)H oxidase: assembling a path to hypertrophy.

PM_12730241 Two new substrates in insulin signaling, IRS5/DOK4 and IRS6/DOK5.

PM_12695509 H-Ras modulates N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor function via inhibition of Src tyrosine kinase activity.

PM_12789267 v-Src induces Shc binding to tyrosine 63 in the cytoplasmic domain of the LDL receptor-related protein 1.

PM_12947321 Inhibition of tyrosine kinase Src suppresses pancreatic cancer invasiveness.

PM_12878163 Identification of Tyr900 in the kinase domain of c-Kit as a Src-dependent phosphorylation site mediating interaction with c-Crk.

PM_12932824 Lithium reduced N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor subunit 2A tyrosine phosphorylation and its interactions with Src and Fyn mediated by PSD-95 in rat hippocampus following cerebral ischemia.

PM_12819203 GC-GAP, a Rho family GTPase-activating protein that interacts with signaling adapters Gab1 and Gab2.

PM_12736255 Mutation of Leu-536 in human estrogen receptor-alpha alters the coupling between ligand binding, transcription activation, and receptor conformation.

PM_12939401 Simultaneous inhibition of focal adhesion kinase and SRC enhances detachment and apoptosis in colon cancer cell lines.

PM_12893776 Control of cell number by Drosophila FOXO: downstream and feedback regulation of the insulin receptor pathway.

PM_12771149 Src kinase regulates the activation of a novel FGD-1-related Cdc42 guanine nucleotide exchange factor in the signaling pathway from the endothelin A receptor to JNK.

PM_12810717 Rac1 function is required for Src-induced transformation. Evidence of a role for Tiam1 and Vav2 in Rac activation by Src.

PM_12960403 Pyk2 regulates multiple signaling events crucial for macrophage morphology and migration.

PM_14562045 An increase in the expression and total activity of endogenous p60(c-Src) in several factor-independent mutants of a human GM-CSF-dependent leukemia cell line (TF-1).

PM_12893822 v-SRC specifically regulates the nucleo-cytoplasmic delocalization of the major isoform of TEL (ETV6).

PM_12857726 The tyrosine phosphatase 1B regulates linker for activation of T-cell phosphorylation and platelet aggregation upon FcgammaRIIa cross-linking.

PM_12933816 Activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway by androgen through interaction of p85alpha, androgen receptor, and Src.

PM_14517306 Tyrosine phosphorylation of plakoglobin causes contrary effects on its association with desmosomes and adherens junction components and modulates beta-catenin-mediated transcription.

PM_12907686 Endothelin-1 decreases gap junctional intercellular communication by inducing phosphorylation of connexin 43 in human ovarian carcinoma cells.

PM_12871937 Plasma membrane phospholipid scramblase 1 promotes EGF-dependent activation of c-Src through the epidermal growth factor receptor.

PM_12972574 Critical role of Src and SHP-2 in sst2 somatostatin receptor-mediated activation of SHP-1 and inhibition of cell proliferation.

PM_12975382 Src regulates Golgi structure and KDEL receptor-dependent retrograde transport to the endoplasmic reticulum.

PM_12907754 Src mediates prolactin-dependent proliferation of T47D and MCF7 cells via the activation of focal adhesion kinase/Erk1/2 and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathways.

PM_14504278 Activation of SRC tyrosine kinases in response to ICAM-1 ligation in pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells.

PM_14523024 GIT1 mediates Src-dependent activation of phospholipase Cgamma by angiotensin II and epidermal growth factor.

PM_14627343 Coexpression of IGF-1R and c-Src proteins in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

PM_12972425 Src phosphorylates Cas on tyrosine 253 to promote migration of transformed cells.

PM_14551213 Constitutively active Galpha16 stimulates STAT3 via a c-Src/JAK- and ERK-dependent mechanism.

PM_15062576 Agonist-antagonist induced coactivator and corepressor interplay on the human androgen receptor.

PM_14707117 BCMA is essential for the survival of long-lived bone marrow plasma cells.

PM_14706618 Activation of beta-catenin-TCF-mediated transcription by non-receptor tyrosine kinase v-Src.

PM_14687660 Selective down-regulation of angiotensin II receptor type 1A signaling by protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-2 in vascular smooth muscle cells.

PM_14702039 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.

PM_14676843 Vascular endothelial growth factor-mediated activation of p38 is dependent upon Src and RAFTK/Pyk2.

PM_14707140 Gonadotropin-releasing hormone-induced activation of diacylglycerol kinase-zeta and its association with active c-src.

PM_14661060 Cbl-c suppresses v-Src-induced transformation through ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation.

PM_15027889 Mechanisms of androgen receptor signalling via steroid receptor coactivator-1 in prostate.

PM_14670955 Src homology 3 binding sites in the P2Y2 nucleotide receptor interact with Src and regulate activities of Src, proline-rich tyrosine kinase 2, and growth factor receptors.

PM_15033452 Mechanical pressure-induced phosphorylation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in epithelial cells via Src and protein kinase C.

PM_14688263 TRIP6 enhances lysophosphatidic acid-induced cell migration by interacting with the lysophosphatidic acid 2 receptor.

PM_14617636 Activation of platelet-activating factor receptor-coupled G alpha q leads to stimulation of Src and focal adhesion kinase via two separate pathways in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.

PM_14739293 Adhesion or plasmin regulates tyrosine phosphorylation of a novel membrane glycoprotein p80/gp140/CUB domain-containing protein 1 in epithelia.

PM_14963038 Pyk2 amplifies epidermal growth factor and c-Src-induced Stat3 activation.

PM_15094065 Stimulation of hTAFII68 (NTD)-mediated transactivation by v-Src.

PM_15078178 HIV/SIV escape from immune surveillance: focus on Nef.

PM_15117969 Autocrine CSF-1R activation promotes Src-dependent disruption of mammary epithelial architecture.

PM_15069201 Unique domain anchoring of Src to synaptic NMDA receptors via the mitochondrial protein NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2.

PM_15070730 Functional association between Wwox tumor suppressor protein and p73, a p53 homolog.

PM_15135048 SH3P2 in complex with Cbl and Src.

PM_15060621 SRC gene expression in human cancer: the role of transcriptional activation.

PM_14761972 Regulation of TRPC6 channel activity by tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_15062102 Activation of a Dab1/CrkL/C3G/Rap1 pathway in Reelin-stimulated neurons.

PM_14766744 Tyrosine 981, a novel ret autophosphorylation site, binds c-Src to mediate neuronal survival.

PM_15090612 CIN85 associates with multiple effectors controlling intracellular trafficking of epidermal growth factor receptors.

PM_15030318 The T-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase is phosphorylated on Ser-304 by cyclin-dependent protein kinases in mitosis.

PM_15075377 Src SH3/2 domain-mediated peripheral accumulation of Src and phospho-myosin is linked to deregulation of E-cadherin and the epithelial-mesenchymal transition.

PM_15199124 The docking protein Gab1 is an essential component of an indirect mechanism for fibroblast growth factor stimulation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt antiapoptotic pathway.

PM_15122338 Activation of diacylglycerol kinase alpha is required for VEGF-induced angiogenic signaling in vitro.

PM_15140878 Transcriptional regulation by the repressor of estrogen receptor activity via recruitment of histone deacetylases.

PM_15143158 Mitochondrial AKAP121 binds and targets protein tyrosine phosphatase D1, a novel positive regulator of src signaling.

PM_15169911 Impaired alveologenesis and maintenance of secretory mammary epithelial cells in Jak2 conditional knockout mice.

PM_15001550 Transcriptional cofactors exhibit differential preference toward peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors alpha and delta in uterine cells.

PM_20176789 Entry of Neisseria meningitidis into mammalian cells requires the Src family protein tyrosine kinases.

PM_19887442 Alpha5beta1 integrin engagement increases large conductance, Ca2+-activated K+ channel current and Ca2+ sensitivity through c-src-mediated channel phosphorylation.

PM_19769962 ADAM12 localizes with c-Src to actin-rich structures at the cell periphery and regulates Src kinase activity.

PM_19329556 Diesel particle-induced transcriptional expression of p21 involves activation of EGFR, Src, and Stat3.

PM_20056178 Polymorphisms in innate immunity genes and patients response to dendritic cell-based HIV immuno-treatment.

PM_20332114 ErbB2 requires integrin alpha5 for anoikis resistance via Src regulation of receptor activity in human mammary epithelial cells.

PM_19875457 Src kinase-mediated phosphorylation stabilizes inducible nitric-oxide synthase in normal cells and cancer cells.

PM_19892015 A non-catalytic function of the Src family tyrosine kinases controls prolactin-induced Jak2 signaling.

PM_19948721 S-nitrosylation at cysteine 498 of c-Src tyrosine kinase regulates nitric oxide-mediated cell invasion.

PM_19802004 Tyrosine phosphorylation of cofilin at Y68 by v-Src leads to its degradation through ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.

PM_20127031 Src induces expression of carbonic anhydrase IX via hypoxia-inducible factor 1.

PM_19881549 Differential phosphorylation of the docking protein Gab1 by c-Src and the hepatocyte growth factor receptor regulates different aspects of cell functions.

PM_19903481 Involvement of Src tyrosine kinase in Escherichia coli invasion of human brain microvascular endothelial cells.

PM_20100835 Src kinase phosphorylates RUNX3 at tyrosine residues and localizes the protein in the cytoplasm.

PM_20093365 Anti-inflammatory compounds parthenolide and Bay 11-7082 are direct inhibitors of the inflammasome.

PM_20155281 Immunohistochemical detection of steroid receptor cofactors in ovarian endometriosis: involvement of down-regulated SRC-1 expression in the limited growth activity of the endometriotic epithelium.

PM_19940159 BCAR3 regulates Src/p130 Cas association, Src kinase activity, and breast cancer adhesion signaling.

PM_20013033 Pathways of metastasis suppression in bladder cancer.

PM_20028973 Initiation factor eIF2-independent mode of c-Src mRNA translation occurs via an internal ribosome entry site.

PM_20697360 Evidence for a pro-apoptotic function of RACK1 in human breast cancer.

PM_20697360 Evidence for a pro-apoptotic function of RACK1 in human breast cancer.

PM_20351107 Differential gene expression downstream of Toll-like receptors (TLRs): role of c-Src and activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3).

PM_20501601 WebPrInSeS: automated full-length clone sequence identification and verification using high-throughput sequencing data.

PM_17510314 Src induces urokinase receptor gene expression and invasion/intravasation via activator protein-1/p-c-Jun in colorectal cancer.

PM_17325034 CSK controls retinoic acid receptor (RAR) signaling: a RAR-c-SRC signaling axis is required for neuritogenic differentiation.

PM_17046078 Late signaling in the activated platelets upregulates tyrosine phosphatase SHP1 and impairs platelet adhesive functions: Regulation by calcium and Src kinase.

PM_17224200 P60-c-src suppresses apoptosis through inhibition of caspase 8 activation in hepatoma cells, but not in primary hepatocytes.

PM_17254967 p27 phosphorylation by Src regulates inhibition of cyclin E-Cdk2.

PM_17158171 TRPC-like conductance mediates restoration of intracellular Ca2+ in cochlear outer hair cells in the guinea pig and rat.

PM_17178840 Deciphering the cross talk between hnRNP K and c-Src: the c-Src activation domain in hnRNP K is distinct from a second interaction site.

PM_17192257 Proteomics analysis of protein kinases by target class-selective prefractionation and tandem mass spectrometry.

PM_17307333 The lipid raft proteins flotillins/reggies interact with Galphaq and are involved in Gq-mediated p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation through tyrosine kinase.

PM_17210930 A tale of two templates: automatically resolving double traces has many applications, including efficient PCR-based elucidation of alternative splices.

PM_17299056 Fibroblast growth factor blocks Sonic hedgehog signaling in neuronal precursors and tumor cells.

PM_17318191 Bcr-Abl stabilizes beta-catenin in chronic myeloid leukemia through its tyrosine phosphorylation.

PM_17092689 Direct interaction between ER membrane-bound PTP1B and its plasma membrane-anchored targets.

PM_17259306 Hepatitis B virus X protein enhances androgen receptor-responsive gene expression depending on androgen level.

PM_17215324 Src and focal adhesion kinase mediate mechanical strain-induced proliferation and ERK1/2 phosphorylation in human H441 pulmonary epithelial cells.

PM_17135298 TGF-beta-regulated collagen type I accumulation: role of Src-based signals.

PM_17491594 Regulation of c-Src by binding to the PDZ domain of AF-6.

PM_17475311 Interactions of connexins with other membrane channels and transporters.

PM_17537435 Rapid trafficking of c-Src, a non-palmitoylated Src-family kinase, between the plasma membrane and late endosomes/lysosomes.

PM_17317726 FAK association with multiple signal proteins mediates pressure-induced colon cancer cell adhesion via a Src-dependent PI3K/Akt pathway.

PM_17872470 Substrate matters: reciprocally stimulatory integrin and VEGF signaling in endothelial cells.

PM_17553930 E-cadherin adhesion activates c-Src signaling at cell-cell contacts.

PM_17526495 Fyn-mediated phosphorylation of NR2B Tyr-1336 controls calpain-mediated NR2B cleavage in neurons and heterologous systems.

PM_17785844 ICAM-1-mediated, Src- and Pyk2-dependent vascular endothelial cadherin tyrosine phosphorylation is required for leukocyte transendothelial migration.

PM_17537434 Palladin interacts with SH3 domains of SPIN90 and Src and is required for Src-induced cytoskeletal remodeling.

PM_17691821 Subdomain switching reveals regions that harbor substrate specificity and regulatory properties of protein tyrosine kinases.

PM_17369846 CUTL1 promotes tumor cell migration by decreasing proteasome-mediated Src degradation.

PM_17804738 Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) ubiquitination as a mechanism of acquired resistance escaping treatment by the anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody cetuximab.

PM_17474147 Systematic identification of SH3 domain-mediated human protein-protein interactions by peptide array target screening.

PM_17593353 Pharmacological evidence for altered src kinase regulation of I (Ca,L) in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation.

PM_17574549 RACK1 regulates Src activity and modulates paxillin dynamics during cell migration.

PM_17525734 p140Cap protein suppresses tumour cell properties, regulating Csk and Src kinase activity.

PM_17412687 XB130, a novel adaptor protein for signal transduction.

PM_17803936 The tumor suppressor DAPK is reciprocally regulated by tyrosine kinase Src and phosphatase LAR.

PM_17615067 Probabilistic prediction and ranking of human protein-protein interactions.

PM_17641225 Mechanisms of integrin-vascular endothelial growth factor receptor cross-activation in angiogenesis.

PM_17620427 Inhibition of c-Src expression and activation in malignant pleural mesothelioma tissues leads to apoptosis, cell cycle arrest, and decreased migration and invasion.

PM_17443665 Fak/Src signaling in human intestinal epithelial cell survival and anoikis: differentiation state-specific uncoupling with the PI3-K/Akt-1 and MEK/Erk pathways.

PM_17471235 CD99 isoforms dictate opposite functions in tumour malignancy and metastases by activating or repressing c-Src kinase activity.

PM_17855352 Dynamic interaction between Src and C-terminal Src kinase in integrin alphaIIbbeta3-mediated signaling to the cytoskeleton.

PM_17848177 Tissue factor induction by protease-activated receptor 1 requires intact caveolin-enriched membrane microdomains in human endothelial cells.

PM_17974954 PTP1B contributes to the oncogenic properties of colon cancer cells through Src activation.

PM_17936276 c-Src is a PDZ interaction partner and substrate of the E3 ubiquitin ligase Ligand-of-Numb protein X1.

PM_17897439 Autocrine WNT signaling contributes to breast cancer cell proliferation via the canonical WNT pathway and EGFR transactivation.

PM_17908797 Tissue- and nuclear receptor-specific function of the C-terminal LXXLL motif of coactivator NCoA6/AIB3 in mice.

PM_17963503 Differential expression of the FAK family kinases in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis synovial tissues.

PM_17967179 A novel activating role of SRC and STAT3 on HGF transcription in human breast cancer cells.

PM_17997837 Signal transducer and activator of transcription 5b: a new target of breast tumor kinase/protein tyrosine kinase 6.

PM_17630833 Integrin-mediated host cell invasion by type 1-piliated uropathogenic Escherichia coli.

PM_18089800 Novel noncatalytic role for caspase-8 in promoting SRC-mediated adhesion and Erk signaling in neuroblastoma cells.

PM_18069897 A RNA interference screen identifies the protein phosphatase 2A subunit PR55gamma as a stress-sensitive inhibitor of c-SRC.

PM_17716980 Stress hormones regulate interleukin-6 expression by human ovarian carcinoma cells through a Src-dependent mechanism.

PM_17921256 Variant estrogen receptor-c-Src molecular interdependence and c-Src structural requirements for endothelial NO synthase activation.

PM_18155796 Small proline-rich proteins (SPRR) function as SH3 domain ligands, increase resistance to injury and are associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in cholangiocytes.

PM_18403635 MUC1 initiates Src-CrkL-Rac1/Cdc42-mediated actin cytoskeletal protrusive motility after ligating intercellular adhesion molecule-1.

PM_18353785 Transforming growth factor beta1 induces alphavbeta3 integrin expression in human lung fibroblasts via a beta3 integrin-, c-Src-, and p38 MAPK-dependent pathway.

PM_18209475 Serotonin (5-HT) transport in human platelets is modulated by Src-catalysed Tyr-phosphorylation of the plasma membrane transporter SERT.

PM_18156174 Epidermal growth factor stimulates RSK2 activation through activation of the MEK/ERK pathway and src-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation of RSK2 at Tyr-529.

PM_18211905 Expression of tetraspan protein CD63 activates protein-tyrosine kinase (PTK) and enhances the PTK-induced inhibition of ROMK channels.

PM_18180305 A novel role of vascular endothelial cadherin in modulating c-Src activation and downstream signaling of vascular endothelial growth factor.

PM_17934522 Decreased CHK protein levels are associated with Src activation in colon cancer cells.

PM_18251740 Activation of Src-family tyrosine kinases in hyperproliferative epidermal disorders.

PM_17849451 TAE226-induced apoptosis in breast cancer cells with overexpressed Src or EGFR.

PM_18061419 Src kinase regulates metalloproteinase-9 secretion induced by type IV collagen in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells.

PM_18327819 Epithelial to mesenchymal transition in head and neck squamous carcinoma: association of Src activation with E-cadherin down-regulation, vimentin expression, and aggressive tumor features.

PM_18397177 Endosomal NADPH oxidase regulates c-Src activation following hypoxia/reoxygenation injury.

PM_18063684 Activation of SRC kinase and phosphorylation of signal transducer and activator of transcription-5 are required for decidual transformation of human endometrial stromal cells.

PM_18451158 Met and c-Src cooperate to compensate for loss of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase activity in breast cancer cells.

PM_17933561 Three-dimensional matrix induces sustained activation of ERK1/2 via Src/Ras/Raf signaling pathway.

PM_18070925 Functional conservation of the glutamine-rich domains of yeast Gal11 and human SRC-1 in the transactivation of glucocorticoid receptor Tau 1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

PM_18407586 MUC1 and colorectal cancer pathophysiology considerations.

PM_18322799 B1 integrin/Fak/Src signaling in intestinal epithelial crypt cell survival: integration of complex regulatory mechanisms.

PM_18328427 Yes and PI3K bind CD95 to signal invasion of glioblastoma.

PM_18057010 Cdc42 regulates E-cadherin ubiquitination and degradation through an epidermal growth factor receptor to Src-mediated pathway.

PM_18080320 Two modes of ERK activation by TNF in keratinocytes: different cellular outcomes and bi-directional modulation by vitamin D.

PM_18252715 Cell adhesion-dependent cofilin serine 3 phosphorylation by the integrin-linked kinase.c-Src complex.

PM_18086662 Suppression of v-Src transformation by andrographolide via degradation of the v-Src protein and attenuation of the Erk signaling pathway.

PM_18024423 Regulation of 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1 (PDK1) by Src involves tyrosine phosphorylation of PDK1 and Src homology 2 domain binding.

PM_19262138 P-selectin cross-links PSGL-1 and enhances neutrophil adhesion to fibrinogen and ICAM-1 in a Src kinase-dependent, but GPCR-independent mechanism.

PM_18273061 Structural basis for a novel intrapeptidyl H-bond and reverse binding of c-Cbl-TKB domain substrates.

PM_18183286 Polymorphisms of the TUB gene are associated with body composition and eating behavior in middle-aged women.

PM_18456839 Rapid signal transduction in living cells is a unique feature of mechanotransduction.

PM_18632638 Activation of platelet-activating factor receptor and pleiotropic effects on tyrosine phospho-EGFR/Src/FAK/paxillin in ovarian cancer.

PM_18524994 Validation of PDGFRbeta and c-Src tyrosine kinases as tumor/vessel targets in patients with multiple myeloma: preclinical efficacy of the novel, orally available inhibitor dasatinib.

PM_18550772 Restriction to Fos family members of Trip6-dependent coactivation and glucocorticoid receptor-dependent trans-repression of activator protein-1.

PM_18434386 Src regulates cell cycle protein expression and renal epithelial cell proliferation via PI3K/Akt signaling-dependent and -independent mechanisms.

PM_18560564 Altered gene expression in early atherosclerosis is blocked by low level apolipoprotein E.

PM_18467332 Phosphorylation regulates tau interactions with Src homology 3 domains of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, phospholipase Cgamma1, Grb2, and Src family kinases.

PM_18562041 Focal adhesion kinase is not required for Src-induced formation of invadopodia in KM12C colon cancer cells and can interfere with their assembly.

PM_18434302 Endothelial cell annexin A2 regulates polyubiquitination and degradation of its binding partner S100A10/p11.

PM_18441016 mRNA silencing in human erythroid cell maturation: heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K controls the expression of its regulator c-Src.

PM_18606683 Type 1 TNF receptor forms a complex with and uses Jak2 and c-Src to selectively engage signaling pathways that regulate transcription factor activity.

PM_18594017 Combined inhibition of PLC{gamma}-1 and c-Src abrogates epidermal growth factor receptor-mediated head and neck squamous cell carcinoma invasion.

PM_18223692 Src kinase potentiates androgen receptor transactivation function and invasion of androgen-independent prostate cancer C4-2 cells.

PM_18464795 FAK-MAPK-dependent adhesion disassembly downstream of L1 contributes to semaphorin3A-induced collapse.

PM_18467631 H-ras regulates angiogenesis and vascular permeability by activation of distinct downstream effectors.

PM_18388244 Roles of cytosolic phospholipase A2 and Src kinase in the early action of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin through a nongenomic pathway in MCF10A cells.

PM_18617000 Both EGFR kinase and Src-related tyrosine kinases regulate human ether-à-go-go-related gene potassium channels.

PM_18474606 SRC directly phosphorylates Bif-1 and prevents its interaction with Bax and the initiation of anoikis.

PM_18463161 The involvement of the tyrosine kinase c-Src in the regulation of reactive oxygen species generation mediated by NADPH oxidase-1.

PM_18457834 Role of Src-family kinases in formation of the cortical actin cap at the dorsal cell surface.

PM_18362147 Activation of Syk by protein kinase C-delta regulates thrombin-induced intercellular adhesion molecule-1 expression in endothelial cells via tyrosine phosphorylation of RelA/p65.

PM_18509267 The small peptide OGP(10-14) acts through Src kinases and RhoA pathways in Mo-7e cells: morphologic and immunologic evaluation.

PM_18448311 c-Src trafficking and co-localization with the EGF receptor promotes EGF ligand-independent EGF receptor activation and signaling.

PM_18454171 Src kinase-targeted anti-inflammatory activity of davallialactone from Inonotus xeranticus in lipopolysaccharide-activated RAW264.7 cells.

PM_18566211 alpha-Catenin overrides Src-dependent activation of beta-catenin oncogenic signaling.

PM_18503159 Identification of a functional EGF-R/p60c-src/STAT3 pathway in colorectal carcinoma: analysis of its long-term prognostic value.

PM_18445593 Control of excitatory synaptic transmission by C-terminal Src kinase.

PM_18594011 Combined inhibition of c-Src and epidermal growth factor receptor abrogates growth and invasion of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

PM_19015309 VE-PTP maintains the endothelial barrier via plakoglobin and becomes dissociated from VE-cadherin by leukocytes and by VEGF.

PM_18694941 The Diaphanous-related Formin FHOD1 associates with ROCK1 and promotes Src-dependent plasma membrane blebbing.

PM_18662984 Parallel phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)-dependent and Src-dependent pathways lead to CXCL8-mediated Rac2 activation and chemotaxis.

PM_18802114 Lipoteichoic acid induces HO-1 expression via the TLR2/MyD88/c-Src/NADPH oxidase pathway and Nrf2 in human tracheal smooth muscle cells.

PM_18832467 mda-9/Syntenin promotes metastasis in human melanoma cells by activating c-Src.

PM_18644869 CD44 engagement promotes matrix-derived survival through the CD44-SRC-integrin axis in lipid rafts.

PM_18819921 Regulation of the Met receptor-tyrosine kinase by the protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B and T-cell phosphatase.

PM_18641366 p120-Catenin regulates leukocyte transmigration through an effect on VE-cadherin phosphorylation.

PM_18948751 Cell cycle-dependent regulation of SFK, JAK1 and STAT3 signalling by the protein tyrosine phosphatase TCPTP.

PM_19033656 KIS protects against adverse vascular remodeling by opposing stathmin-mediated VSMC migration in mice.

PM_18713744 Ephrin-B2-induced cleavage of EphB2 receptor is mediated by matrix metalloproteinases to trigger cell repulsion.

PM_18667434 The transactivated epidermal growth factor receptor recruits Pyk2 to regulate Src kinase activity.

PM_18922903 Src and ADAM-17-mediated shedding of transforming growth factor-alpha is a mechanism of acute resistance to TRAIL.

PM_18616680 TUSC4/NPRL2, a novel PDK1-interacting protein, inhibits PDK1 tyrosine phosphorylation and its downstream signaling.

PM_18755685 TRPC3 controls agonist-stimulated intracellular Ca2+ release by mediating the interaction between inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor and RACK1.

PM_19074832 c-Src-p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling is required for Akt activation in response to ionizing radiation.

PM_18927605 ChromaSig: a probabilistic approach to finding common chromatin signatures in the human genome.

PM_18625714 Phosphorylation of MUC1 by Met modulates interaction with p53 and MMP1 expression.

PM_19048118 Src family kinases mediate betel quid-induced oral cancer cell motility and could be a biomarker for early invasion in oral squamous cell carcinoma.

PM_19112177 Histidine triad nucleotide-binding protein 1 up-regulates cellular levels of p27KIP1 by targeting ScfSKP2 ubiquitin ligase and Src.

PM_19028587 Structural insights into the inhibited states of the Mer receptor tyrosine kinase.

PM_19290922 Conformational snapshots of Tec kinases during signaling.

PM_18924149 Activation of Src and Src-associated signaling pathways in relation to hypoxia in human cancer xenograft models.

PM_19035465 A novel peptide from human apolipoprotein(a) inhibits angiogenesis and tumor growth by targeting c-Src phosphorylation in VEGF-induced human umbilical endothelial cells.

PM_19130504 HIV-1 Nef induces p47(phox) phosphorylation leading to a rapid superoxide anion release from the U937 human monoblastic cell line.

PM_18839319 Src activity alters alpha3 integrin expression in colon tumor cells.

PM_19262695 c-Src regulates Akt signaling in response to ghrelin via beta-arrestin signaling-independent and -dependent mechanisms.

PM_19258394 Differential trafficking of Src, Lyn, Yes and Fyn is specified by the state of palmitoylation in the SH4 domain.

PM_19111446 An in vitro analysis of mechanical wounding-induced ligand-independent KGFR activation.

PM_19047046 Role of Src signal transduction pathways in scatter factor-mediated cellular protection.

PM_19223541 Sustained Src inhibition results in signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) activation and cancer cell survival via altered Janus-activated kinase-STAT3 binding.

PM_19176482 Presenilin 1 affects focal adhesion site formation and cell force generation via c-Src transcriptional and posttranslational regulation.

PM_19240716 Association of constitutively activated hepatocyte growth factor receptor (Met) with resistance to a dual EGFR/Her2 inhibitor in non-small-cell lung cancer cells.

PM_19066724 Src activation and translocation from focal adhesions to membrane ruffles contribute to formation of new adhesion sites.

PM_19147496 S100B Protein Regulates Astrocyte Shape and Migration via Interaction with Src Kinase: IMPLICATIONS FOR ASTROCYTE DEVELOPMENT, ACTIVATION, AND TUMOR GROWTH.

PM_19160018 Rho signaling, ROCK and mDia1, in transformation, metastasis and invasion.

PM_19321744 Src phosphorylation of RhoGDI2 regulates its metastasis suppressor function.

PM_19447874 SRC family kinase activity is up-regulated in hormone-refractory prostate cancer.

PM_19435911 Activation of Src by protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B Is required for ErbB2 transformation of human breast epithelial cells.

PM_19487280 Src stimulates fibroblast growth factor receptor-2 shedding by an ADAM15 splice variant linked to breast cancer.

PM_19281832 Activation of ROS/NF-kappaB and Ca2+/CaM kinase II are necessary for VCAM-1 induction in IL-1beta-treated human tracheal smooth muscle cells.

PM_19436632 Foaling rates and risk factors for abortion in pregnant mares presented for medical or surgical treatment of colic: 153 cases (1993-2005).

PM_19419966 The tyrosine kinase c-Src enhances RIG-I (retinoic acid-inducible gene I)-elicited antiviral signaling.

PM_19479902 Intestinal epithelial cancer cell anoikis resistance: EGFR-mediated sustained activation of Src overrides Fak-dependent signaling to MEK/Erk and/or PI3-K/Akt-1.

PM_19302982 HBx protein induces EMT through c-Src activation in SMMC-7721 hepatoma cell line.

PM_19497848 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase-alpha and Src functionally link focal adhesions to the endoplasmic reticulum to mediate interleukin-1-induced Ca2+ signaling.

PM_19585669 Protective effect of DNA-mediated immunization with liposome-encapsulated GRA4 against infection of Toxoplasma gondii.

PM_19457864 Cortactin is a functional target of E-cadherin-activated Src family kinases in MCF7 epithelial monolayers.

PM_19189046 Role of protein-tyrosine phosphatases in regulation of osteoclastic activity.

PM_19305428 The role of cooperativity with Src in oncogenic transformation mediated by non-small cell lung cancer-associated EGF receptor mutants.

PM_19435802 Formation of endothelial lumens requires a coordinated PKCepsilon-, Src-, Pak- and Raf-kinase-dependent signaling cascade downstream of Cdc42 activation.

PM_18493848 Dual targeting of Src and ER prevents acquired antihormone resistance in breast cancer cells.

PM_19267251 Cooperation between integrin alphavbeta3 and VEGFR2 in angiogenesis.

PM_18996136 Novel actions of estrogen to promote proliferation: integration of cytoplasmic and nuclear pathways.

PM_19540193 Phosphorylation of histone H3 at Ser10: its role in cell transformation by v-Src.

PM_19603032 Dasatinib inhibits the growth of prostate cancer in bone and provides additional protection from osteolysis.

PM_19258321 Molecular mechanism of the bifunctional role of lipopolysaccharide in osteoclastogenesis.

PM_19535918 UNC80 functions as a scaffold for Src kinases in NALCN channel function.

PM_19465391 Ets-1 p51 and p42 isoforms differentially modulate Stromelysin-1 promoter according to induced DNA bend orientation.

PM_19265199 The D816V mutation of c-Kit circumvents a requirement for Src family kinases in c-Kit signal transduction.

PM_19852943 Primary human colonic epithelial cells are transiently protected from anoikis by a Src-dependent mechanism.

PM_19732716 SRC substrate surprise.

PM_19478552 Triptolide-induced suppression of phospholipase D expression inhibits proliferation of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells.

PM_19878981 An epigenetic switch involving NF-kappaB, Lin28, Let-7 MicroRNA, and IL6 links inflammation to cell transformation.

PM_19620276 Cross talk between receptor guanylyl cyclase C and c-src tyrosine kinase regulates colon cancer cell cytostasis.

PM_19789182 Tyrosine phosphorylation of nuclear-membrane protein emerin by Src, Abl and other kinases.

PM_19481075 Clostridium difficile toxin A binds colonocyte Src causing dephosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase and paxillin.

PM_19755386 Src tyrosine kinase regulates adhesion and chemotaxis in Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia.

PM_19956670 GD3 synthase overexpression sensitizes hepatocarcinoma cells to hypoxia and reduces tumor growth by suppressing the cSrc/NF-kappaB survival pathway.

PM_19704002 c-Src associates with ErbB2 through an interaction between catalytic domains and confers enhanced transforming potential.

PM_19666609 CK2 negatively regulates Galphas signaling.

PM_19515834 E-cadherin surface levels in epithelial growth factor-stimulated cells depend on adherens junction protein shrew-1.

PM_19859549 Proteomic and phospho-proteomic profile of human platelets in basal, resting state: insights into integrin signaling.

PM_19755707 Regulation of cancer invasion by reactive oxygen species and Tks family scaffold proteins.

PM_19808905 Integrin (alpha6beta4) signals through Src to increase expression of S100A4, a metastasis-promoting factor: implications for cancer cell invasion.

PM_19807924 Identification of SH3 domain interaction partners of human FasL (CD178) by phage display screening.

PM_19822667 Cdk5-dependent regulation of Rho activity, cytoskeletal contraction, and epithelial cell migration via suppression of Src and p190RhoGAP.

PM_19546854 Osteopetrosis with micro-lacunar resorption because of defective integrin organization.

PM_19596789 The tumor suppressor functions of p27(kip1) include control of the mesenchymal/amoeboid transition.

PM_19199380 PRL1 promotes cell migration and invasion by increasing MMP2 and MMP9 expression through Src and ERK1/2 pathways.

PM_19630967 A novel role for signal transducer and activator of transcription 5b (STAT5b) in beta1-integrin-mediated human breast cancer cell migration.

PM_19690143 Fyn and SRC are effectors of oncogenic epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in glioblastoma patients.

PM_19914159 Transformation locked in a loop.

PM_19948031 Aberrant trafficking of NSCLC-associated EGFR mutants through the endocytic recycling pathway promotes interaction with Src.

PM_19718473 Integrin-dependent translocation of LASP-1 to the cytoskeleton of activated platelets correlates with LASP-1 phosphorylation at tyrosine 171 by Src-kinase.

PM_19703310 NC2213: a novel methionine aminopeptidase 2 inhibitor in human colon cancer HT29 cells.

PM_19861436 Reciprocal regulation of c-Src and STAT3 in non-small cell lung cancer.

PM_19711372 An acidic extracellular pH disrupts adherens junctions in HepG2 cells by Src kinases-dependent modification of E-cadherin.

PM_19777610 Protein interaction network related to Helicobacter pylori infection response.

PM_19732724 The Tensin-3 protein, including its SH2 domain, is phosphorylated by Src and contributes to tumorigenesis and metastasis.

PM_19762712 Is expression or activation of Src kinase associated with cancer-specific survival in ER-, PR- and HER2-negative breast cancer patients?

PM_19924282 Rapid activation of Rac GTPase in living cells by force is independent of Src.

PM_19730683 The variant rs1867277 in FOXE1 gene confers thyroid cancer susceptibility through the recruitment of USF1/USF2 transcription factors.

PM_19833732 Migfilin interacts with Src and contributes to cell-matrix adhesion-mediated survival signaling.

PM_19665017 The PDZ protein MPP2 interacts with c-Src in epithelial cells.

PM_21625559 Regulation of zebrafish hatching by tetraspanin cd63.

PM_21599982 Src mediates cytokine-stimulated gene expression in airway myocytes through ERK MAPK.

PM_21494322 Renal involvement in preeclampsia: similarities to VEGF ablation therapy.

PM_21253555 Measuring the evolutionary rewiring of biological networks.

PM_20805333 Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 contributes to Escherichia coli K1 invasion of human brain microvascular endothelial cells through the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway.

PM_20697360 Evidence for a pro-apoptotic function of RACK1 in human breast cancer.

PM_20697360 Evidence for a pro-apoptotic function of RACK1 in human breast cancer.

PM_20557270 Emerging drugs to treat squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck.

PM_20606009 The early isoform of disabled-1 functions independently of Reelin-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation in chick retina.

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